2.0L+7 seats, Japanese family SUV with high cost performance, low fuel consumption, high quality and durable, Mitsubishi Outlander

2022-05-14 0 By

Among compact cars and SUVs at the same level, more and more consumers prefer TO drive SUVs. In fact, cars can not use large space and strong passability, and SUV models are indeed more practical for family use.Today, we bring the Mitsubishi Outlander under the guangqi Mitsubishi, 5/7 version optional, its price than the same Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 Rongfang, more practical people, take a look at its strength.The actual model is the 2.0-L two-drive free 7-seat version of Outlander 2021. The front face design is hard, the chrome-plated kit on both sides of the logo is overlapped up and down, and the texture intake holes are not lack of delicacy and delicacy, and the recognition is strong.Halogen headlights, very sharp eye-catching, standard day running lights, automatic headlights, fog lights, headlights height adjustment.It is 4.705 meters long, 1.81 meters wide, 1.71 meters high, 2.67 meters long shaft design, perhaps a little cramped.The body is fully equipped with accessories such as overhead racks and chrome trim on the skirts.The whole body is still relatively hard, and the size of the fashionable aluminum alloy wheels is 225/55 R18.The taillights are not small in size, and the lighting layout is technically elegant and connected with chrome trim.Body more symmetrical atmosphere, after surrounded so prominent, like a “big tail”, enhance its momentum.Outlander 2021 2.0-L two-drive free version 7-seat version, intermediate design is more core, the material is more generous, soft leather material, and texture decorative board decoration.8 inch embedded LCD screen, standard GPS navigation, bluetooth, CarLife, Internet of vehicles, voice recognition control, 5 airbags, reversing image, cruise control, keyless start and entry, etc.Leather multi-functional steering wheel, supporting 4-way adjustment.Instrument panel double circular circular pointer + a small screen display.The 2021 Version 2.0L Two-drive Deluxe 7-seater version cabin imitation leather seats, layout 2+3+2.The main driver’s seat electric 6-way adjustment belt waist, the co-pilot’s manual 4-way, both with heating function.The style of the seat is atmospheric, its softness is moderate, the backrest is wide and comfortable, the ride is good, and the upper part also has a skylight.The space of the second row gives three people a comfortable riding posture. The bottom plate is flat and high. The seat is designed with three headrests, a central armrest cup holder, and can be moved back and forth and the Angle of the back can be adjusted.The third row is a freestanding 2-person seat with multifunctional storage boxes on both sides, which can be folded down in proportion.The space reserved in the trunk can meet the needs of simple household use.The 2021 Version of the Outlander 2.0L two-drive Free 7-seat version, powered by 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, has 166 HP and 201 N.M, transmission CVT continuously variable speed can simulate 6 gears, top speed 190km/h, official 100km acceleration time 11.4s, NEDC integrated fuel consumption 7.5L/100km, tank volume 63L.Chassis front McPherson type independent suspension, rear multi-link type independent suspension, front front drive, ECO driving mode, ready weight 1560kg, full load weight 2170kg.Outlander is a hard-style SUV, with good spatial comfort and practicality, linear power performance, low fuel consumption, and the key price is very affordable, interested car friends can go to see.