21 crown!Nadal has won the Australian Open 3-2 with a record number of Grand Slam titles

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The Australian Open is in contention for the final day.In the final men’s singles title battle, sixth seed Nadal in the first two sets of the situation, in a row to pull three sets of reverse victory over no. 2 medvedev, the Australian Open for the second time to win the cup, but also the 21st career Grand Slam title, the number of Grand Slam titles beyond Djokovic, Federer alone lead.Nadal has met Medvedev four times, with Nadal leading three wins and one loss, but medvedev won their most recent meeting.In the first four games of the set, medvedev broke in the fifth game to lead 4-2. In the seventh game, medvedev broke again to win the set 5-2. Medvedev easily saved the first set 6-2.Nadal broke nadal in the fourth game to lead 4-1, then broke nadal in the eighth game to lead 4-3. Nadal broke nadal in the eighth game to lead 5.3 came to his own service game, the result of a fierce fight, after a number of tiebreaks, Medvedev broke again 6-6 in the tiebreak, medvedev was broken 7-5 in the tiebreak, to win the next set 7-6.In the third set, the match remained tight, with nadal holding serve for the first eight games. Nadal broke serve for the first time in the ninth game to win the set 5-4. Nadal easily held serve for the third set 6-4.Fourth set, the start stage to break each other serve on both sides, after each protect hair, nadal leading to 4:3, ninth nadal after missing a break point and inventory medvedev difficult to protect hair, nadal’s serving dish and came to the game, the results nadal scored four points after serving out smoothly by 6:4 wins another disk.Medvedev 6-2 in the first four innings each break, break nadal was the first to fifth, sixth inning after multiple split nadal difficult to protect hair, since each hair, nadal’s serve is 10 wins the game, nadal in the case of leading 30:0 conceded four points were broken, medvedev will be to 5:5, Nadal then broke back to lead 6-5 to serve out the match again, this time nadal did not waste his chance, winning four points in a row to secure a 7-5 tiebreaker.Rafael nadal in the end, after 5 hours and 24 minutes of fighting, no. 6 seed rafael nadal in losing two sets of the final three big comeback, 3-2 win over no. 2 seed medvedev, second Australian open trophy, is also a record 21 times won the grand slam title, surpassing novak djokovic and Roger federer lead alone.The five-set score was 2-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 7-5.