Adorable Deer Island, romantic Cherry blossom Corridor of Taishan Mountain, Intangible cultural Heritage…Looking for “New Year flavor”

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1. In response to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of higher authorities, please do a good job in safety protection and strictly follow the epidemic prevention requirements of the scenic spot for travel experience;2, can not set group visible, a wechat ID only one person free;3. The opening time of the scenic spot is from 9:00 to 17:00, and the telephone number for consultation is 0538-85698884. If this information cannot be opened (or this content cannot be viewed), please do not panic, the activity is real and valid, as long as your record is still in place, you will enjoy the above benefits as well!Taishan Flower Sea New Year National Tide Folk Culture Carnival highlights Xiang Shi Rui Long Happy New Year photo:Yan-min wang folk performances, traditional festival atmosphere, the stunt amazing repeatedly, the tide, acting tide restoring ancient ways, in one thousand, national intangible heritage in one thousand, Oriental cherry promenade, beautiful romantic super sprouting kashima, wonderful new MOE on pet panda, soft of lovely festival atmosphere during the Spring Festival, wish the attached Programs are under the lifelong card can be free to travel in the park, to make an appointment first safe to swim, feel free to swim, to travel,During the epidemic prevention and control period, scenic spots can make reservations with real names, and the elderly and children need to register with real names.Entry procedures: 1. Please apply for the “Shandong Electronic Health Access Card” in advance (both Alipay and wechat clients can apply);2. Show “Shandong Electronic Health Access Card”, “Vaccination Code”, “Communication Travel Card” and personal identification;3. Cooperate with the epidemic prevention staff in the scenic spot for temperature detection;4. After the body temperature reaches the standard (lower than 37.2℃), you can enter the park after verification and cancellation of the ticket code at the ticket check-in area;5. The scenic spot does not accept tourists from medium-high risk areas for the time being. Tourists with a travel history or passing history outside the province within 14 days must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.If you have already booked tickets, please apply for refund on the ticket purchase platform. Thank you for your support and cooperation.In order to ensure safe sightseeing, the scenic area has implemented staggered peak sightseeing: The maximum reception capacity of Mount Taishan Flower Sea is 17250 person-time, and the maximum instantaneous reception capacity is 12000 person-time;The maximum reception capacity of the flight experience museum is 420 person-times, and the maximum instantaneous reception capacity is 280 person-times.The maximum reception capacity of Tianyi Park is 15000 person-times, and the maximum instantaneous reception capacity is 10000 person-times.The maximum reception capacity of the Children’s Vocational Experience Center in Dream Town is 1050 person-time delay: 520 person-time for children and 390 person-time for adults Limit: 560 person-time for children and 420 person-time for adults Stop: 600 person-time for children and 450 person-time for adults Once 75% of the maximum capacity is reached, the scenic spot will take the number control measures to stop selling tickets and stop entering the park.Visitors are requested to understand and cooperate;At the same time, the scenic area has set up a number of tourist information centers in the parking lot, Huahai Square, Tianyi Park and other places, and set up health code quick registration signs to assist tourists to apply for health code, tourist consultation and guidance and other services.4. Please obey the instructions of the site staff and wear a mask during the play.It is strictly prohibited to wear masks, have abnormal body temperature, and hold red and yellow code in the park.Tourists are requested to keep a good distance of more than 1 meter. The scenic spot has also set up mobile inspectors to persuade tourists to disperse and play civilized, and not to cluster or gather.