Ben Chen | The closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics will feature a version of the 2008 Olympics

2022-05-14 0 By

Sanxiang City daily all media reporter Tian Tian tomorrow winter Olympics closing ceremony to come!There was an amazing opening ceremony.The coming closing ceremony tomorrow is looking forward to!Everyone said, with director Zhang Yimou, the closing ceremony is basically stable.So, before the closing ceremony, LET me give you a little plot reveal.And opening a warm-up link abandon the use of the star actor, to switch to mass base higher square dance, the closing ceremony, zhang said that the closing ceremony is still not star not professional actors, all link focus on athletes, zhang also careful said, this is their after hard training and field work, the celebration party.In addition, as Beijing is the only “Double Olympic City”, this element will be specially designed and presented at the closing ceremony.This can be the point we all look forward to most.Exactly what elements of the double Olympics will be on display at the closing ceremony.Not only that, the closing ceremony, extinguishing the winter Olympic flame is also worth looking forward to.Taking the unique ignition method of the opening ceremony as a precedent, how will the extinguishing method of the closing ceremony present?In addition, the closing ceremony will also have a number of opening ceremony actors mystery return.There will also be a unique design for the athletes’ entrance.In this way, is it more expected?In fact, the reason why we have such high expectations for it is also due to Zhang Yimou’s perfect presentation every time.Not only Zhang Yimou’s dedication, there are too many people behind the Winter Olympics.Hats off to them!I am also looking forward to the perfect conclusion of the Beijing Winter Olympics tomorrow![Editor: Sun Yanfei][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]