Entering the second year of “Online Film Spring Festival”, the bullet screen area is actually better than the movie

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This year is the second year that the concept of “Online Film Spring Festival” was put forward. Several platforms have been set up early, and a total of more than 10 films have been released successively. Among them, the new version of Wang Jing’s “Jiuyang Shengong” and “Heavenly Dragon Slayer” have been released successively as the top seed, with the rating of 3.5 and 3.8 respectively on Douban.The netizen one “destroy classic” “meaning difficult flat” ridicule, the comment section witticism than the movie is also wonderful.More than 10 films, including Polar Pursuit, Minimax and Broken Gold, have not opened yet, and their opening scores are all below 5 points.Twenty-nine years ago, Director Wang Jing’s Film, which brought together jet Li, Zhang Min, Qiu Shuzhen, Lai Zi and Sammo Hung, had a score of 7.8 on douban, and the comments section was full of praise for the actors.At the end of the film, Zhao Min rides a white horse and bids farewell to Zhang Wuji: “If you want to save six big pies, come to Dadu and find me!”Let a lot of movie fans care.In recent years, since Wang jing announced plans for the new version, there has been a lot of controversy, including netizens questioning the actors’ age.The new version of “Jiuyang Shengong” and “Heavenly Dragon Slaughterer” premiered on online platforms for payment on Jan 31 and Feb 3, respectively.Reporters see, each of the ordinary ticket price is 12 yuan, but VIP users have a discount, single piece price is mostly 4.8 yuan or 6 yuan.The book is currently rated 3.5 on Douban, while the book is rated 3.8 on Douban.The audience said, dregs, besides the plot magic change, the heroine face-lifting, no aura, and acting is also unsatisfactory, action is to see a face meng.The reporter saw that 43.9% of the users only gave a 1 star rating.But it was so funny, it was worth the price of admission.For example, many people can’t forget Louis Koo’s role as Yang Guo, and his performance has left netizens stunned, “What is this?’Tan Zhang Cuishan’?I mean, I don’t want to put some powder on it. What kind of shape is this? I have several pieces of wig under my messy hair.Look at Xiao Zhao, before Qiu Shuzhen played how lively and clever, but in the new version, she appeared, “Spider spirit” and “spider-man” screen.In addition to the character all slotted points, also let the choreography, “ordinary martial arts moves cannot express jing wang director want to shock to the audience, but zhang mowgli ‘a’ first six arm fly up, directly to the person look stupid, it’s not all, there is” invincible large wind turbines “, zhang mowgli one second is divided into three turn, must make you instantly kneel for mercy, hurt one hundred damage, eight thousand,I give you a spin.”Another netizen even said, “The three heads and six arms combined with the electric fan made me think it was nezha’s appearance in The Gods List.””Almost 99% of the scenes in Jet Li’s Ai Tian Tu Long Ji have been reworked. Like some reworked games, the modeling accuracy has been improved with computer technology in 2021, from 720p resolution to 4K resolution, and the rest remains unchanged,” another user wrote.Put it on my 65-inch TV, 4k ultra clear picture quality is clear to the acne on the actor’s face, powder, and even xiao Zhao and Zhou Zhi if the nose, eyes and lips of plastic surgery trace are clear to see.Then I used two litai graphics cards to render a lot of light and shadow effects of sword wave for the fighting scene, and bought a fancy for 6 yuan “.In recent years, there have been numerous remakes of classic films. The “destruction of classic” of the new version of “Relying on Heaven and Slaughtering The Dragon” is almost expected. Therefore, the “ridicule conference” in the danmu area has been transformed into an unexpected joke after its release.But the reporter noticed that many other online Spring Festival films, the comment section is a water “boring”, “old-fashioned”, “puzzling”.”Polar Pursuit” is the label of “cheng Jia Class latest action film”, according to the information, the film is directed by Cheng Jia Class director Han Guanhua, Li Zhiting, Qu Jingjing, Clara, Pu Yixing and other co-stars, tells the story of a family power and desire abyss confrontation, and love peer positive energy war.”The plot is terrible and illogical, the characters and costumes are copied from other major movies, and the actors are a bunch of Internet celebrities.” “The stereotypical plot setting, tacky aesthetic makeup, awkward acting, gilding the cake with English, and the same lines in English and Chinese.””The first 5 minutes of Cyberpunk + street action gave me a little surprise. Then I started to slap my face, and the painting style changed to PUBG in a second. From special effects to action to plot, the net feeling was as thick as it could be, all the lowest level of sensory stimulation”…It sounds like science fiction and comedy. Tour guide Gu Jia takes visitors to the former residence of legendary scientist Leonardo Du Vinci, accidentally activates the collider, transforms them into a 1cm tall man, and experiences a fantasy adventure in a miniature world.However, with only a score of 3.9 on Douban, netizens said that they really think the theme is very good, but also really think the movie is very bad, the plot is so boring that I can’t watch it for half an hour.Broken Gold, released in Douban 5.0, also has a loud label, “Wolf Warrior core team carefully polished”.It’s an action shoot-out film about twin brothers who risk their lives overseas.Because of huge sum of money, younger brother Lei Zhansheng is involved in local gang organization and escape by false death to kill, the elder brother Lei Zhanjun of unidentified inside information is to check out younger brother “death” truth, cross national boundaries, thousands of miles chase after fierce.And the younger brother that had escaped, to save elder brother returns with brand-new face and identity, with elder brother together, in the double pursuit of police and gangway escape desperately below.Judging from the user score, it is still a story of old, logic loopholes.However, some netizens expressed their respect for the 70-year-old teacher.The third film, which was released on Feb 5, has yet to be released, but the comments have already flooded the screen.The film mainly tells the story of the god of wealth at home and abroad in order to compete for fairy bone launched a ridiculous competition.Deyunshe sun yue plays the god of wealth, Yano Koji plays the God of wealth in the film, net red chanting plays the God of wealth in India, Dima plays the God of wealth in the film.Many netizens said that the third installment of the series was due to the celebration of welcoming the God of wealth on the fifth day of the first lunar month.”The Yin and Yang World of The Wind In Luoyang” became a hot search after its premiere because its character image was suspected of plagiarizing from the movie “Assassination of the Novelist”. The producer of “The Yin and Yang World of the Wind in Luoyang” made a public apology, but also pulled down the website, stopped distributing related content, and compensated for the loss.Change old manufactured in more than 10 network film cluster network information platform, has both family science comedy and science fiction action, even jin yong’s IP adaptation and director, however, this year’s film festival “network file” failed to hand over the audience satisfaction questionnaire, head became a joke films, even failed in the works.Film festival this year is “network file” in the second year, last year on February 5th, audio-visual program management guidance by the state administration of radio and television network, network film working committee joint China film association, tencent video, iQIYI, youku co-sponsored 2021 network film festival, this opens the network film festival file first.Under the industry keyword of “improving quality and reducing quantity”, only more than 10 online films were released on the three major platforms during the Spring Festival compared with 42 last year, carefully subdividing diversified genres.This year, they also have more accurate scheduling strategies. For example, besides the videos of pushing movie interpretation, they also have short videos of Internet celebrities’ creative ideas, which either consolidate the happy atmosphere of the movie or highlight the genre style of the movie, and form a scheduling matrix of 1-2 films per day.In recent years, the schedule effect of cinema films is obvious, and the emergence of blockbuster models is the key to determine the vitality of a schedule. The same is true for the Spring Festival of network films. However, the new version of “Lean On Heaven and Slay the Dragon”, which was highly expected, received the lowest score.From the perspective of volume, it gathers many stars and is supported by IP, which is different from other works in the same period in multiple dimensions. It should have a certain sense of responsibility for the development of the industry, especially in the key stage of trying to create a schedule.But in the end, it only brought hot discussion and ridicule on the Internet, not only failed to create incremental growth, but may even be a consumption of the online film market. Many fans said that this simply answered Wang Jing’s “honest statement” that “I make movies to make money”.According to the report “2021 Online Movie Data Insight”, audiences are gradually forming the habit of watching movies during the “holiday holiday”, and the investment and layout of multiple platforms will become a ripening agent for the fixed schedule of online movies, promoting the upgrading of the industry.However, from this year’s film festival “network file” game, segmentation and marketing have been up, but I can’t keep up with the content, network film still need to get rid of shoddy, publicity as soon as possible, the high-quality goods “” 6 minutes old, stick to the” quality reduction “of the” quality “, in a more professional, more specifications of the content to create incremental.By Kong Xiaoping, Yangtse Evening News