Just after ordering the withdrawal of troops, Putin is firing back at Ukraine?Top US officials make dire predictions

2022-05-14 0 By

Against the backdrop of increasing tension on the Russia-Ukraine border, the Russian Defense Ministry announced a few days ago that it would withdraw troops from areas close to the Ukrainian border, which brought a global sigh of relief. However, it was unexpected that the news came soon after the media claimed that the Putin government was “back on the offensive” in Ukraine.According to huanqiu.com and other media reports, on February 15, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the troops of the Russian southern military region and the Russian northern military region who completed the military exercises began to return to their regular stations from the Russian-Ukrainian border area.It is worth noting that, despite the Russian side also released the corresponding video, the US insisted that the Russian withdrawal was “fake” and that Russia was sending more troops to the Border with Ukraine.According to CNN and other media, a senior OFFICIAL of the U.S. administration said on The evening of September 16 that the Russian troop withdrawal claim is “false” and that the Number of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border has increased by about 7,000 recently.The US statement quickly drew the attention of the international community, and the Russian side was quick to respond.According to Reuters and other media reports, Russian Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov responded to the “surge” report on The 17th, he said that it is “as always groundless accusations.”While some US officials claimed that the withdrawal of Russian troops was “false”, some US officials threatened sanctions against Russia and “anxiety-laden” cast dire predictions.Finance ministers from the Group of Seven, including the United States and Germany, said in a statement on February 14 that they are “seriously concerned” about Russia’s military build-up on the Ukrainian border.The statement warned of preparations for economic and financial sanctions against Russia.Shortly after the announcement, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that sanctions against Russia could have global repercussions.In an interview, Yellen said sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis could have further “global consequences,” AFP reported Monday.Yellen also reportedly said she was concerned about the “potential impact on energy markets” because of Russia’s significant role as an oil supplier to world markets and a gas supplier to Europe.It is worth mentioning that while the United States is quarreling with Russia over the Ukraine crisis, Ukraine comes out and says it is ready to negotiate with Russia.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on February 17 local time that Ukraine is ready to hold any kind of talks with Russia to establish peace, CCTV news reported.