Niu Aifang was “one of us” pit miserably, the city “small square” house exposure, poor imagination

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Guide language: speak of niu Aifang this net red, believe a lot of readers should not feel strange.Niu Aifang and Xiao Chunhua are a couple of Internet celebrities, the two rely on the filming of some daily life in the countryside, attracted a large number of fans.Originally everyone’s impression of this pair of husband and wife, has always been more simple, but DID not think that with the passage of time, Niu Aifang with small spring flower has completely overturned.Originally, Niu Aifang and small chunhua’s life looks very simple in the video, and every day is actually more tired.After all, with cooking, cutting wood and raising cattle, the day was a busy one.But then the villagers exposed that Niu Aifang’s firewood and cattle, in fact, are bought from the villagers there.In addition, about the small spring flower pregnant things, has been a lot of netizens do not understand.From cow Aifang announced pregnancy with small chunhua news, until now have not seen a small chunhua belly.Isn’t it possible that technology is so advanced now that you can even get pregnant without showing a bump?More outrageous is, do not know if you still remember, before Niu Aifang in an interview, also publicly said that he had a “small square” house in the city, only a room with a study.At that time for this problem, we all feel very normal, which also proves that niu Aifang and small spring flower did not have the so-called mansion.But this thing did not take long, Niu Aifang was “one of us” pit.In the village of Niu Aifang, there is a network named “Hunan strong sister” aunt, is also a member of the army of network red.Although she did not have niu Aifang with small chunhua so big fame, but the two sides also cooperate to shoot video, can be counted as “one of us”.When curious net friends, ask “hunan strong sister” about cow Aifang with small chunhua whether there is a luxury car mansion and other problems, Hunan strong sister accidentally said, exposed cow Aifang in the city so-called “small square” house has one hundred flat.This is a stone to stir up thousands of waves, one hundred flat house, in niu Aifang’s mouth, is a “small square”.How big a house can be called “big square”?And Niu Aifang also said before, only one room and one room plus a study, if the house is really so designed, it can only be said that poverty limits imagination.Our ordinary people’s house, 100 square can be made into three rooms one hall, and even the kitchen and toilet spare.Even some of the population is relatively large, but the resources are limited, 100 ping can be designed into four rooms and one hall.So it seems, even if niu Aifang and small spring flowers with their parents to live together is not a problem.Why did Niu Aifang say it was a room and a hall?The only explanation is that Niu Aifang said it on purpose.His house may not be one room and one hall, but in order not to let the public opinion continue to ferment, so it chose to say half the truth, so true or false to say, it is difficult for netizens to find out what is wrong.But niu Aifang estimates how also did not expect, will be “one of us” to put a?Conclusion: no matter how to say, niu Aifang this estimate is really difficult to turn over.So deceive the feelings of the net friends, niu Aifang even if how to explain, estimated that no one will believe it again?What do you think about it?Feel free to leave a comment below!