Recently, a big sister took her children to rob a peddler’s toys in front of the chengguan.

2022-05-14 0 By

Recently, a vendor violations in the street stalls selling toys are two city tube advised and ready to confiscate vendors toy, don’t let go, but seller pulled tight toys are vendors and urban management theory of drag, toys on the floor, just as a result, a big sister took a galloped in the direction of the little girl to the vendor, the little girl could instantly understand the intention of the adult,In the middle of the race, he stopped and shouted: No.But big sister didn’t stop, then quickly rushed to the vendor in front stoop and plunder toys, and another boy suspected elder sister also blunt come over, then elder sister to get the plane toys conveniently gave the little boy, and said, another big sister also blunt come and began to plunder the toy on the ground, big probability is also rob to the child, the whole process,The two big sisters who were looting toys were talking and laughing, excited and proud of themselves.It’s hard to imagine two elder sister in broad daylight, while the urban management and vendors when pulling plunder toys, and more difficult to imagine the elder sister’s pulling children to rob the toys, not only the little girl saw all this, and the boy also involved, is this your elders give an example to young players do, small child still need the correct guidance and set up the correct values,Such words and deeds may harm the child’s life, but in the face of this matter, netizens also published their own views.Netizen “ma ma” said: my god, this kind of fire looting thing all do out, but also in front of the children, really sin.Haven’t you seen these things? What you robbed must be your own? Remember you have to return it one day, or double it.Net friend “52374881311” said: “Three values and education is not everyone, you can not help him, how can you kick when he is down.Have to say that the whole process to let a person see the anger, hawker stalls selling toys in cold weather for this is not easy, possible vendors do illegal encroachments business and no business license, but it is the business of urban management, the two big sister had the chance to grab the toy, there was a peal of laughter, it is really surprising,Have to say this little girl is more sensible than the two elder sisters, but in the face of this matter, do not know how we see?