The market Supervision Bureau of Suzhou City, Anhui Province sampled 22 batches of LIQUEFIED petroleum gas products and the qualified rate was 100%

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Recently, The Market supervision and Administration bureau of Suzhou City, Anhui Province released the results of special supervision and spot check on the quality of LIQUEFIED petroleum gas products.Public information display, in order to strengthen liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) product quality and safety supervision, improve the quality of suzhou city liquefied petroleum gas products, eliminate safety hidden trouble, and suzhou city market administration carried out at the end of 2021 LPG special product quality supervision and spot check, the second batch of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) 22 batches, supervision and spot check selectived examination found no unqualified products,The pass rate is 100%.Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau jointly carried out the quality supervision of LPG products sampling inspection result information (the second batch) No. Name of the sampled enterprise Name of the sampled product Inspection Report No. Qualified or not qualifiedSample Date: 1 Dangshan County Zhengxing LIQUEFIED Petroleum Gas Co., LTD. JZ210112NY1497 Qualified 2021/12/222 Suzhou Jinlun Gas Co., LTD. JZ210112NY1498 qualified 2021/12/233 Dangshan County Silian Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sales Co., LTD. JZ21011 QualifiedJZ210112NY1500, Dangshan LPG Sales Co., LTD., dangshan LPG Sales Co., LTD., Dangshan LPG JZ210112NY1501, Dangshan LPG Sales Co., LTD., Dangshan Lvyuan Gas Station, Dangshan CountyJZ210112NY1503 Qualified 2021/12/238 Dangshan County Semeng Liquefied Gas Sales Co., LTD. (DANGshan CountyLPG JZ210112NY1505 qualified 2021/12/2410 LPG JZ210112NY1506 qualified 2021/12/2411 LPG JZ210112NY15 qualified 2021/12/24 lingbi Tianxiang LPG Co., LTDLPG JZ210112NY1536 LPG Lingbi County Guanyin Gas Co., LTD. LPG Lingbi County Anyuan Gas Co., LTD. LPG JZ210112NY1537 LPG Lingbi County Blue Sky LPG Co., LTD. LPGGas JZ210112NY1538 qualified 2021/12/2815 Sixian Huangwei Fengbao LIQUEFIED petroleum gas station JZ210112NY1539 qualified 2021/12/2716 Sixian Changgou Binmin liquefied petroleum gas station JZ210112NY1540 qualified 2021/12/2717 Sixian Yitong liquidLPG JZ210112NY1541 qualified 2021/12/2718 LPG JZ210112NY1542 qualified 2021/12/3019 LPG JZ210112NY1543 qualified 202 of Sixian Heta Zhou Dewu Liquefied Gas Station1/12/3020 Lingbi Lianxiang Gas Co., LTD. Liquefied petroleum gas JZ210112NY1544 qualified 2021/12/2821 Lingbi Tianyuan Liquefied petroleum gas Co., LTD. Liquefied petroleum gas JZ210112NY1545 qualified 2021/12/2822 Lingbi Xinyuan Gas Co., LTD. Liquefied petroleum gas JZ210112 ny1546 2021/12/29 qualified