The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics stunned the world, foreign media praised: a visual enjoyment

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On the evening of February 4th, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games kicked off in a stunning fashion, with the opening ceremony being broadcast and reported in real time by many countries.In addition to focusing on the appearance of their heads of state and delegations, foreign media praised the opening ceremony as spectacular and colorful.The Washington Post has provided extensive coverage of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, with extensive photos.The opening ceremony was a visual treat, from the colorful costumes worn by countries in the parade, to the images of water and ice, to the elaborate technology, which was more subdued this time, the report said.The Winter Olympics kicked off in a big way, with the opening ceremony taking place on the start of Spring in China, The Times said. The countdown video referenced the 24 solar terms of the year, with images representing China’s natural beauty.Russia’s Sputnik News agency reported that the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games highlighted three themes, including China’s pursuit and aspiration for world peace, the Olympic principle of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger and more united”, and the vision and expectation of “together for the future” of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Russia TODAY lauded China for dazzling the world with a riveting opening ceremony that showcased its growing confidence and influence.The report said the opening ceremony was impressive even in the face of the epidemic and the cold winter.Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, who witnessed the opening ceremony with world leaders at the National Stadium in Beijing, praised the colorful and spectacular activities and performances.The athletes entered the stadium through a spectacular entrance dubbed the “Gate of China” and the “Window of China,” symbolizing China’s opening of its doors to welcome the world to the Winter Games, the report said.In addition to being impressed by the performance and meaning of the opening ceremony, foreign media also praised China’s epidemic prevention policy.Japan’s Kyodo News agency reported that In the face of the omikron virus strain spreading around the world, Beijing advocated a “simple, safe and wonderful” Winter Olympics, implementing a “closed loop” approach, athletes and related people do not contact ordinary citizens, the implementation of strict isolation.Argentina’s State news agency reported that Argentine President Fernandez witnessed the opening of the Winter Olympic Games and praised China’s success in controlling novel coronavirus infections and deaths. The success of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is the result of the scientific and rigorous epidemic prevention policy.