To ensure the safety of citizens riding, they replace more than 2,000 batteries a day

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During the Spring Festival, a large number of people returned to their hometowns, and the normally quiet city became lively, and the number of shared moped bikes also increased significantly.In order to facilitate citizens to take short trips during the Spring Festival, employees of The Heze Branch of Yong ‘an Hang Technology Co., Ltd. stick to their jobs during the Spring Festival to ensure citizens’ cycling safety.On February 2 is the second day of the New Year, when the general public at home to celebrate the Spring Festival, Yong ‘an Line Technology Co., LTD. Heze branch of the operation staff Zhang Lei is downtown Zhengzhou Road and Taihu Road intersection west of the site for the my-bike battery replacement,He repeated the same routine every day — scanning a QR code on the back of the car with his phone, opening the car, removing the battery, and then replacing the fully charged battery.Zhang lei, 34, has been in charge of battery replacement for The company’s shared mouses since they were introduced in Heze in early October 2019, and this is the third time he has worked during Spring Festival.”I’m used to it and my family supports my work.”Mr. Zhang, who is not very talkative, only smiles sheepishly when he talks about sticking to his post during the Chinese New Year.Peony evening all media reporters learned that the wing line technology co., LTD., heze branch with a total of 11 workers responsible for replacement battery, they are in accordance with the division of work, and zhang is responsible for the area is about more than 120 sites, more than 2000 vehicles Shared moped, in order to ensure the Shared area moped normal use,Changing the battery is one of the most important tasks.It is understood that the battery used by Yong ‘an Moped weighs 9.2 jin. It is also a physical work for Zhang Lei to move the battery up and down every day.”I went to the warehouse early this morning to take the battery off the charging cabinet and put it on the car, and then put the empty battery on the charging cabinet.When I first started this job, my arms hurt every day, but now I have developed kung fu.”Zhang lei introduces his work as he lifts the battery onto the car.He told the peony evening news media reporters, usual, they work six days a week, take a day off, but during the Spring Festival shopping, leisure, visiting relatives and friends of the people is more, share the moped usage than usual increased significantly, especially the urban east street, each big dealer and day sweet park site, the vehicle’s utilization rate is higher,They replace batteries that are 46 percent below capacity when they are detected through the phone’s Bluetooth.On the second day of the lunar New Year, Zhang lei made four trips between the site and the warehouse and replaced more than 200 batteries.On the same day, the company’s 11 electricity changers replaced more than 2,000 batteries.Also sticking to their posts during the Spring Festival were the company’s maintenance staff, who volunteered to work overtime for more than 10 hours a day to ensure citizens’ safe cycling.That day, peony Evening News all media reporters in the city is located in the Taihu Road yonganxing warehouse to see the vehicle maintenance staff Yan Shibo, he squatted on the ground for vehicle maintenance, rough hands full of black oil stains.”It took half an hour to repair and is now ready for the market.”Yan Shibo looked at his “results” zipped a smile, in the heart full of a sense of achievement.Yan Shibo has been working during the Spring Festival for two consecutive years. Because of the high utilization rate of shared moped during the Spring Festival, the number of broken vehicles pulled back to the warehouse also increased. In order to complete the maintenance of the vehicles and put them on the market as soon as possible, Yan Shibo took the initiative to stay and work overtime.”After the damaged car is pulled back to the warehouse, it should first check whether the appearance is damaged, then check whether the brake is sensitive, whether the height of the saddle can be adjusted, and whether the vehicle has power.Identify problems and solve them one by one.”Yan Shibo to the peony Evening News all media reporters, in the guarantee to pull back to the warehouse of the fault of the vehicle maintenance in time, he will also take time to the site inspection maintenance, the second day of the year by Yan Shibo maintenance of more than 20 vehicles.According to statistics, that day, the company for a total of hundreds of moped accident.