@West Coast citizens, east Road 2 will be optimized and adjusted

2022-05-14 0 By

Peninsula media reporters Ma Zheng billiton peninsula all media reporter learns from the real bus group, in order to increase the west coast of new city theory-oriented and start the bonded port area coverage, further facilitate bonded port area employees commuting travel demand, scheduled for tuning of February 17, the first shuttle bus 2 road east gate (cnooc – peng bay road taihang mountain) lines, specific as follows:1. Route Direction: Start from Cnooc Gate no. 2 and run to The Bonded Port Area Administration Committee station according to the original route, and then reach Yufeng Road Yuewan Road Station via Pengwan Road, Hefeng Road, Xuanwan Road, Meifeng Road, Pengwan Road and Yufeng Road;Same return route.1. Add pengwan Road, Taihang Mountain Road (one-way), Pengwan Road, Hefeng Road, Hefeng Road, Xuanwan Road, Xuanwan Road, Meifeng Road, Pengwan Road, Meifeng Road, Yufeng Road, a total of 6 stations.2. Yuewan Road taihang Mountain Road (formerly Moscow Road station) and Jingfeng Road Yuewan Road (formerly New York Road Station) shall be cancelled.1. First and last bus time: 5:40-21:00 yuefeng Road yuewan Road, 6:15-21:00 Cnooc No.2 Gate.2. Ticket price: 1 yuan for unmanned ticket.