What international students need to know about Life in Canada

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Whether you are considering coming to Canada as an international student, or have already been admitted to Canada and are planning to emigrate, you may be curious about student life in Canada.How to obtain a study permit, how to make friends and so on, these are also international students in Canada to learn the most urgent.1. How to obtain the university permit to apply for studying abroad, you need to receive the university’s admission letter, a medical examination and a certificate.You will also need to include proof of funds from a Canadian bank account, a Guaranteed investment Certificate (GIC), proof of student loans, bank statements and proof of scholarship funds.Eligibility for Scholarships Although you are an international student, you are still eligible to receive a scholarship in Canada.Scholarships and bursaries are also available if you are a graduate student at a Canadian university.Many schools provide dormitories for international students, but if you don’t have one, or if you don’t have one, ask the international Student office where apartments or rooms can be rented.Be sure to read the CMHC guidelines for leasing information before signing the lease.Some Canadian provinces cover international students’ medical expenses through provincial health insurance plans, while others require students to purchase private health insurance.Many universities offer compulsory private health insurance for international students.Opt out if they can prove that they have other private health insurance.The Canadian government website shows which provinces have health insurance coverage for international students.As an international student, you can work in the school.You can apply for a social security number to work on campus or off-campus for up to 20 hours.Full-time off-campus work may also be available during summer, winter or reading weeks.Get involved in student clubs, study groups, campus activities, and dorm activities.The university often organizes social events for international students, and you can meet those who have also moved to Canada to study, as well as those who are looking for friends.Most schools can provide such as tutors, professors and teaching assistants who can help students during office hours.You can also form a study group with your peers so that you can help each other.Moving to a new country is always a learning experience. There are a variety of cultural and social customs, which are likely to be different from your home country, and you may miss friends and family.Give yourself time to settle in and make friends with other international students.Some graduates may apply for a Postgraduate Work Permit (PGWP).But your course must be longer than eight months.If your course is longer than eight months but less than two years, you are eligible for a work permit equivalent to the length of your course.If you go beyond two years, you are eligible for a work permit valid for three years.Once you find a job and start working in Canada, you can apply for permanent residency and citizenship.Studying in a new country may seem overwhelming, but it’s easier than it looks.Making a plan for yourself can help you and ensure that the application goes smoothly.# Study in Canada