Yan Xiu wanted to recruit Premier Zhou as a son-in-law, but was rejected. He was not angry, but funded the premier to study abroad

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In 1913, 15-year-old Zhou Enlai graduated from Shenyang Dongguan Exemplary Primary School and came to Tianjin with his uncle Zhou Ygeng. In August of the same year, he was admitted to Nankai School and began his four-year middle school life.When he was young, Zhou Enlai Nankai School was a private school founded in 1904 on the basis of Yan’s School and modeled after the modern education system in Europe and the United States. Its founder was Yan Xiu, who was a great figure. When he was 35 years old, he became a middle school jinshi and served as a political scholar in Guizhou province in the Qing Dynasty and later returned to his hometown in Tianjin.Together with Mr. Zhang Boling, he founded Nankai Middle School, Nankai University, Nankai Girls’ Middle School and Nankai Primary School. He not only funded Nankai with his family wealth, but also donated more than 30,000 volumes of private books to nankai Library, for which he was honored as the “Father of Nankai School”.Zhou Enlai was deeply affected by the good academic atmosphere of the school at the beginning of his enrollment.As soon as he entered the gate of nankai School, he saw a large rectangular mirror hanging on the left wall. On the top of the mirror was a horizontal plaque, which read: “Face must be clean, hair must be trimmed, clothes must be neat, buttons must be tied;Head face, shoulder face flat, chest face wide, back face straight;Weather: not proud, not violent, not idle;Color: appropriate harmony, appropriate quiet, appropriate zhuang.”Zhou Enlai was immediately attracted by the “mirror Rule” and consciously used it to regulate his own dress, appearance, weather and color.When he learned that this “mirror pro” is yan Xiu inscribed, love can not help arising spontaneously.Yan Xiu Zhou Enlai soon showed remarkable talent during the Nankai period.He was one of the winners of the school’s speed arithmetic contest and got full marks in mathematics.English at the beginning of the foundation is a little poor, after a period of hard study, to the second grade has been among the best;His composition level is also quite high, and he has won the first prize in the school composition competition for many times.In 1915, the school organized a composition contest for all grades. Five representatives from each class were selected to participate in the contest. Yan Xiu personally participated in the examination and selection.There are two topics in the composition: one is “sincere energy animal theory” and the other is “What is the urgent matter in China today”. Zhou Enlai chose “sincere energy animal theory” and wrote a paragraph like this: The vast and magnificent earth gathers an infinite number of biological molecules as human beings.Man is the soul of all things.Each has his own instinct, feeling and wisdom, and uses his inherent nature to compete in the performing world.The best win, the worst lose.The strong unite parts of the people and master them;The fool is humbled by authority and dare not or move;Violent people do not accept the status of being treated, think up to generation.So they fight with each other, fight with each other with flesh and blood, the winner survives, the servant takes over, the flounder seeks, there is no dispute.Alas!All sentient beings are joining the tide, fighting for survival…When Yan Xiu was reviewing the paper, he was deeply shocked when he saw zhou Enlai’s essay. He did not expect that a 17-year-old boy should have such insight and writing style. He kept saying, “What a prime minister!”In the end, he not only rated Zhou’s composition the no. 1 side of the whole school, but also awarded him a prize flag written by himself with the words’ Enjoyment of the Beauty of It all ‘.From then on, Zhou Enlai became the most appreciated student of nankai School.During her stay in Nankai, Zhou Enlai also participated in the school’s new theater company and acted as the deputy director of the scenery Department and actress. She played the role of Hui Niang in “Qiu Da Niang”, Sun Huijuan in “One Yuan”, the boy in “Old Daughter Full Virtue”, Gao Guiying in “Daughter full Virtue”, and the sister of Feng Jun in “Wake up”.Yan Xiu was also obsessed with the reform of old plays and enthusiastic about new plays. He did a lot of work in naming, revising and reviewing the new plays of the school, which further deepened his friendship with Zhou Enlai.In 1917, Zhou Enlai is about to graduate from school, Yan Xiu’s eldest son Yan Zhichong wrote a letter to him on June 5, the letter said: Zhou Enlai’s behavior, men have been paying attention to, privately think for six sister to discuss marriage, but not to a person’s ear.The letter “six sister” is Yan Fan Sun’s youngest daughter Yan Zhi ‘an, then 16 years old, Beijing Beiman Girls’ school.Yan Xiu appreciated Zhou enlai’s personality and talent and was willing to hire him as his son-in-law, so he personally asked someone to propose marriage to Zhou enlai.Zhou Enlai this was the first time zhou Enlai formally faced the marriage event, with strict reputation and social status, to marry his daughter is undoubtedly enviable, even some people are not desirable.Curiously, However, Zhou enlai politely declined the offer.Later, when zhou Enlai was taking a walk with one of his classmates, he explained the reason why he refused this marriage: “I am a poor student. When I first entered the university, my uncle supported me for my study and living expenses.In my case, if I marry the Yens, my future will be at the mercy of the Yens.So I gave up the engagement.”From Zhou Enlai’s words, it is not difficult to see that the young man not only has a strong self-esteem, but also has set up to do a great career ambition.Zhou Enlai (first right) later Yan Zhian also expressed temporary reluctance to mention the marriage.She never married and died of a cerebral hemorrhage on the eve of liberation.Although the marriage proposal was rejected, Yan Xiu’s cultivation and concern for Zhou Enlai remained unchanged, and the friendship between teachers and students continued to grow.In June 1917, zhou enlai by tianjin dongdu Japan study abroad, yan also repaired in April 1918 to study education when passing through Tokyo, zhou enlai visit him almost every day, April 17, zhou enlai and part of the Chinese students studying yan, please take dinner, and by their own cooking, after dinner, yan recited praised: “xiangyu vinegar cabbage is great!”On September 6, 1919, after yan Xiu and Zhang Boling’s efforts, Nankai University finally waited for the approval of the government authorities and began to enroll students immediately.Zhou Enlai also returned to Tianjin from Japan and was admitted to the first phase of Nankai University.At that time, Zhou Enlai’s family was in a very tight economic condition, and it was very difficult to pay tuition and miscellaneous fees. Yan Xiu exempted him from tuition and miscellaneous fees, and asked him to bear some work of printing lectures to support his living. Zhou Enlai was the only free student in Nankai University at that time.Zhou Enlai returned to Nankai, with the love of science, democracy of the new face of the young social activist, active in pingjin social stage, he participated in the initiation of the organization of the revolutionary group “consciousness society”.On January 29, 1920, Zhou Enlai was illegally arrested by Tianjin Police because of his active participation in the student movement, and spent half a year in prison. After his release, Nankai University naturally could not stay any longer.Yan after that zhou enlai situation, love him and specially in nankai “Fan Sun scholarship”, a total of 7000 silver, put forward suitable, zhou enlai Li Fujing 2 people to go to Europe and the United States for further study, and obtained the council agreed to zhou enlai and others to go to the United States at first, but because of the first world war the dollar price is high, finally decided to go to Europe.Yan Xiu not only wrote a letter to minister Gu Weijun in Britain, asking him to take care of Zhou. After all the formalities were completed, yan Xiu and lawyer Liu Chongyou, who had defended Zhou in court, gave Zhou 500 yuan each to cover his trip to Europe.After gu Weijun and Zhou Enlai arrived in France, they still corresponded frequently with Yan Xiu.In March 1922, Zhou enlai was introduced by Zhang Shenfu and Liu Qingyang to join the Communist Party of China.It was reported to Yan Xiu that Zhou enlai had changed his mind after going abroad and had joined the Communist Party. Yan Xiu was reminded not to support him any more.But Yan Xiu said, “each has his own ambition, can not be strong”, asked the accounting room to continue to zhou Enlai remittance, which let Zhou Enlai very grateful, later he has repeatedly mentioned this matter.Zhou Enlai never forgot his teacher.At the end of 1928, when he passed through Tianjin on a mission, he inquired about Yan Xiu.When Yan Xiu died of illness in 1929, Zhou enlai was in a secret and life-threatening underground revolutionary activity. He could not mourn his teacher publicly, but his teacher’s encouragement, care and support were cherished in his heart forever.Zhou Enlai (first from left) When he was in northern Shaanxi, Zhou Enlai said affectionately in an interview with Snow: “At that time, a friend mentioned that I became a Communist with yan Xiu’s money.Yan quotes a Chinese proverb, ‘Every man has his own ambition.'”In 1950, zhou Enlai, then premier, hosted a banquet for zhang Boling, then headmaster, at the Xihuating Hall in Zhongnanhai.At dinner, a bowl of clear soup was added to the table.Premier Zhou could not help but sigh: “Mr. Yan is just like this bowl of soup, clear and delicious, enough for future generations to learn from the model!”In 1959, zhou Enlai visited Nankai University and said affectionately to the alumni present, “Mr. Yan was a good man in the feudal society.”He also instructed everyone to organize his diary and study his educational ideas.In October 1989, Nankai University unveiled a statue of Zhou Enlai.In October 1992, nankai University unveiled a bronze statue of Yan Xiu, the “father of Nankai”.Yan Xiu’s bronze statue a great figure is a pioneer of new education, a great figure is to accept the new education, the construction of new China, their story will always be remembered by future generations!