Ancient teacher home visit too tired!Not as happy as joining a gang!End up in jail!

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Today xiaobian to bring you the comic is funny type.Whether it’s friends at work!Or school friends!Must be a lot of pressure in everyday life!So take a look at the comics!Comics may bring you joy!The last period said the ancient teacher promised the headmaster to replace the teacher home visit!So the ancient teacher began a long home visit route!The first home visitor was a rich family in the suburbs!I didn’t expect it to be an old grandpa!The ancient teacher also pulled up the mill for the donkey!Now for the second home visit!Teacher Gu is going to visit the parents of black Alley!As soon as I heard this name, I knew it had a head!The parent of this dark alley owns a bar!A member of the underworld, too!Ancient teacher a bar door caught in!Teacher Gu is still on the ground!A mean man says you’re my son’s teacher at Black Alley?The ancient teacher was scared to say shiver!Say yes!Papa Black Lane says they hear my son’s getting good grades. Here, finish the bottle in one gulp. Here!This is a bottle of XO!Black alley dad said don’t give me face careful I mad oh!Quick to drink!After drinking, we in an Old Chinese practice, you will mix with me!So teacher Gu was pulled closer to the gang!But he ended up breaking the law!Locked up in prison!Coincidentally, Master Gu can also make home visits in prison!Teacher Gu was locked in prison no. 95. Teacher Gu said, “Hello, I’m your son Fan Xiaoren’s teacher.”The ancient teacher say is not, actually I am come home to visit, in addition your son unfortunately again test big duck egg!The man heard that his son’s grades were not very good.He scolded the teacher!Say get the hell out of here!Thanks for watching!We will give you more next time!For more exciting content, come to the little new comics ancient teacher: Fantasy home visit!Everything is so beautiful!Reality is not happy!The ancient teacher: wake up to teach not the sloth of strict teacher!Always awake!Finally appointed to the task!