“Floor king” Daya Saint elephant said the U.S. subsidiary suffered fraud, 22.75 million money may not be recovered

2022-05-15 0 By

Whipox news on April 5, according to the daily Business news reported that the great Asian Holy Elephant released 2021 annual results report, the company achieved revenue of 8.75 billion yuan, up 20.46% year on year;The net profit of shareholders of listed companies was 595 million yuan, down 4.86% year on year.It is worth noting that the company also disclosed that its wholly-owned subsidiaries were involved in telecom fraud, involving about $3.569 million (22,754,900 yuan), which is unlikely to be recovered.According to the announcement of the great Asian holy elephant, during the reporting period of 2021, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary holy elephant group co., LTD., a subsidiary of the United States HomeLegendLLC, became the victim of a wire fraud, the perpetrators hacked into the company’s rented Microsoft 365 email system, forged fake emails impersonating the company’s management members,Forged supplier documents and email paths and carried out the fraud, involving about 3.569 million US dollars (22,754,900 yuan).It is understood that the company has been filed with local federal law enforcement authorities in the United States and reported to public security authorities in China. As of the reporting date, the possibility of recovering the stolen funds is low.The loss has now been included as “other” for non-operating expenses, according to the annual report.