Her father was demoted and assassinated by her enemies. When she returned, she was alone

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With a tolerant heart to live, the crowded world will become infinitely broad, and the ordinary life will become full of sunshine.Hello, everyone! I’m here to save you from the book shortage.As long as click collect, you can get rid of the book shortage of life, your love is my biggest power!Today brings you the wonderful content is: machivements abuse article “micro dynasty” father was demoted, assassination, and then return, she is alone.Abstract: Su Jinse was like a flower like jade, the first talented girl in Qinghe County, and finally ended up with a ruined face and infamous end.Finally to lend her a helping hand, is all that she belittled nothing, and the sum of the hunter Liu Xiuhan…She would never let go of him again!Highlights: Such as Su Dahai Su Qingyun’s letter to finish the words, and to the owner Su Jinse reported the situation of the shop just left.”Sister-in-law, look you look not very good, is there something wrong in the shop?”Liu Small wan see Su Dahai walked, came forward to concern asked.Wang Xiangxiang is also a face of concern, although her father did not say what, but she vaguely feel her father something wrong, like the present cousin Su Jinse general.Looks like wind’s in trouble!Su Jinse said lightly: “Nothing, just a little sleepy.We’ll stop in town today, and Mother knows it.””Listen to my sister-in-law.”Liu Small wan nods, the look in the eyes falls on Su Jin Se body all the time however, she feels sister-in-law has worry.”Why don’t you go to my house and sleep today?”Wang xiangxiang suggested, “Cousin you and Xiao Wan have not been to my house, I have been to yours several times.””No, you take Xiao Wan to play!I’m tired. I’m going to get some sleep.”Su Jinse said, and turned to leave.Originally she wanted to go to the Wang family to see, but su Dahai brought news to her upset.Especially when it comes to the emperor’s son, and the occasional interruption in the store.How can Su Jinse feel at ease to play?”Xiao wan, LET me take you to my house.We come here in the evenings to spend time with my cousin.”Wang Xiangxiang saw cousin refused, had to pull liu Xiaowan away.On the way, they talked as they walked.”My sister-in-law already knows if my eldest brother is in trouble.”Liu Xiao Wan suddenly said.”I don’t think so!(Click below to read for free) the second book “Taifu adult three minutes sweet” author: Wang Ye Incantation abstract: The northern Seven princes died!Some people are happy while others are worried.However, all this was defined as a farce, the seven princes not only did not die, but also brought back the head of the barbarian patriarch, shocked the people of Kyoto!Also make don’t ask the world’s taifu adults, actually unprecedented personally went to the seven palace.This can make the seven princes very happy!Wonderful fragment: Zong Zhengfu narration say that finish, then toward the direction outside the palace walked.Feng Ponzi Zen inexplicable bright and bright smile, then raised his hand, “pass I will, Liang Ren Xian for the new national teacher.”The man in tsing Yi named Liang Ren Xian, his face immediately good up.Also no matter before chang Sun Chi Liang took silk book jilted face.There’s nothing wrong with a little loss.The man smiled more unbridled up, can not think of this when the dynasty tai Fu is so, the taste of speechless, should be very bad.Here the Phoenix North Lime caught up with Chang Sun Chiliang, immediately raised his hand to catch him.The eyes were on him, and they meant something else.The man originally angry face, see her that moment, instantly become grievance extremely.”That man had the nerve to steal Taffy’s wisdom!”This small poor appearance, really does not look like just with Liang Ren Xian confrontation put malicious words.Phoenix Lime looked at his face, helplessly smiled, “since it is to do the north strategist, I think it will not harm the North.”She sighed, not knowing what else to do.According to Changsun Chiliang, the dragon robe man was already dead.”Let’s go to the streets of Kyoto. Ben Tafu is really in a bad mood today.”He begged, let phoenix north lime laugh and cry.I can’t help it.She nodded and followed him out on foot.Zong Zheng fu narration stood behind, looking at the back of two people, indifferent glance, toward another direction walked.Taifu house inside, Xi Qiu is carrying a bowl to Bi Chi feed rice.Someone immediately don’t go over the head, raised his hand to grab the bowl, and rolled his eyes.Abstract: At the age of 13, she became famous as a dancer.Full of old family children vie for marry, but one night and infamous – unload phoenix coat, from now on anonymity as a slave, chess, for the enemy…Who would want her dead?In this world, there is no snow move dance of Liang Zhen……Highlights: should weave early went to the small courtyard, but not yesterday’s body.Even the ground was clean. There was no blood left.She raised her hand and tapped her head, wondering if she was hallucinating.Liao niangzi did not chase out, although the girl felt puzzled but a little reassured, she walked along the gravel path toward the lake.”Did Cold Wuyi leave me in a place like this so that I could help the old woman die in her old age?She stamped her foot fiercely and quickened her pace.The morning dew clung to the leaves and followed her through the weeds, leaving wet marks on her skirts.When she stepped out of the path and looked at the green water, she frowned even more.There’s no boat. How do we get out?…The white sun shines through the bamboo forest, casting dappled shadows.Lady Liao leaned against a large rock by the lake, holding the washed grapes in her hands, eating while watching the girl busy with interest.Should weave at the beginning of the rust knife, I do not know where to find, is laboriously in kanzhu.”Crack!”Rest yourself, young woman. If you can fly away from this water, I will call you master.””Crack!”I, also have not had an apprentice, this obeisance teacher what of also not too clear, can offer tea always want some!””Crack!”Although you look ugly, personality is not my temper, but see in your life is not two years, I will not care with you last night!””Shut up!Should weave early lift small face, fierce way.”I go to you this wench, listen to not understand good depend on words be, so obvious give you step bottom, you return impatient!”Wiping the sweat from her forehead, she gnashed her teeth and said, “Will you be tired of it? Go back to your hut, mother…I bah, this girl use you in this sneer sarcasm of?”Her father was demoted and assassinated by his enemies. When she returned, she was already alone.This issue of the book list has been submitted, you bookworms, have you found your love?Pay attention to xiaobian, sea of books carefully selected, quality assurance.Leave us a comment in the comments and let’s share the good books!Muchen Yang thought of giving up Zhang Xinqi, but always love her field cool article “dear daughter-in-law zhangjia, turn a husband kind of steamed stuffed bun” he said: just want to become a close, give birth to a baby “stone xinji xuandi love” he endured humiliation for many years, the family to destroy the power minister, open xinjiang and expand soil, eventually become Ming Jun