How to buy parts and components of belt mud press equipment in sand washing field

2022-05-15 0 By

Recently, many old customers have come to consult how to choose the parts and components of the belt type mud machine in the sand washing field. Longzhong will explain to you how to buy the parts and components of the belt type mud machine in the sand washing field.1. Choose the original.When users start to purchase waste water recycling equipment of sand washing field, in order to facilitate their use after today, they will buy a batch of original accessories from the manufacturer as spare parts. The accessories of the original factory have matching with the purchased equipment in terms of materials and quality.2. Shop around and compare offers.Accessories are small, but they play a very important role. Users can not seek cheap, but buy unqualified accessories, greedy for small and cheap, suffer big losses, cheap and unqualified accessories are likely to affect the operation power of the whole sand production line, and then form the destruction and waste of production cost, human and financial resources.Therefore, we should fully understand the quotation, shop around to buy qualified quality, affordable quotation parts.3. Investigate the details of accessories.When purchasing accessories, we should also open the package and carefully investigate the details of accessories to see if there are signs of rust, mildew and aging.There is no deformation, scale is not consistent with the requirements, there is no sign of loosening, degumming, welding.Another is whether the certificate of qualification and the specification are complete.