Memoir 2:17 years old graduated from junior high school to chaozhou, Guangdong province to work, half a year did not find a job

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In huamei shake hands factory to the fourth year of the Spring Festival factory holiday, I told the factory colleagues, I will not come after the year, I want to learn a craft or skills, can not always work to go on!Dad asked me to learn tailoring, that is, to make clothes for others. At that time, it was really an iron rice bowl, but the sewing machine was all on my feet. I was less than 80 jin, so I felt I was not that kind of material!I decided to learn computer, my elder brother at that time also joke me, say human brain you can make clear, also learn computer!I only smiled off, but in the hometown of Fuyang city to learn three months of computer, I did not learn anything, because junior high school graduation, education is too low, the teacher spoke of the keyboard English and some conversion of what, as long as with English, I face meng.Spent thousands of, only learned five strokes of typing.The fuyang computer class wasted their money, so they set foot on the guangdong train, arrived at the shake hands factory, and began today to repeat yesterday’s story.After two months, I two junior high school female students with my address find my factory directly, they are to be in my home address to me, BB machine just at that time, very few phone, every time I call home, want to make to the neighbor let them shout for help his family, the main contact or write, I still kept a large bundle of letters.The classmate came, the factory at that time business is general, do not want a person, how to do?Desperately, I also quit, with they together on port food factory in the town of temple to find a job, because I heard about all the year round to hire in food, good looking for a job, the three of us to find a sweet factory, work 14 hours a day, pack a bag of candy 50 only 2 cents, earn more than ten dollars a day, and food, eat really is too poor, can see meat every day,It is two pieces of small fat slices at noon. It is hard to find three people to go into a factory. If you do not go, you feel that it is really not a man’s job!Insist to the sixth day, a huamei colleague came over to tell us, said shake handshandle factory next door an injection molding factory recruit, do women’s heel, we three of these six days of wages people do not give knot, can not, this also want to go, ha ha, we returned to huamei village!The three of us together into the injection molding factory, the factory in two shifts, eat good living, dry for two years, I plan to learn the craft, the father let learn to cut hair, I considered, the barber seems not a person’s life, is to learn to come back a person is difficult to open a shop, busy, so I decided to learn photography.I learned photography, makeup, updo my hair, and now I’m 24 years old, haha.(Published first, to be continued)