Portland wants nothing more this season, trade for Bledsoe

2022-05-15 0 By

The Los Angeles Clippers and the Portland Trail Blazers are close to a deal that would give the Blazers access to Eric Bledsoe, sources said.The Portland Trail Blazers, largely out of hope this season and planning for next season in earnest, have reached a trade agreement with the Los Angeles Clippers that would send Norman Powell and forward Robert Covington, according to sources.Acquired Clippers player Eric Bledsoe, forward Justise Winslow, guard Keean Johnson and a future second-round pick.The deal gives the Blazers a veteran guard in Bledsoe, but most importantly, the blazers will have a total salary below the luxury tax line and create a $6.5 million trade exception, which will give them plenty of room for future growth.The Los Angeles Clippers put more hope on the table this year, increasing their total salary from $93.9 million to $112.9 million after the trade, but they acquired a number of defensive and offensive players in the trade.