The European Union issued a warning of sanctions, Russia increased pressure, the REAL intentions of the United States was exposed by their own family

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The United States lies in the international bombing for many days, now, eastern Ukraine is finally the flames of fire.Ukrainian government forces have been shelling eastern Ukraine, and donetsk and Luhansk have issued general mobilization orders, calling on the population to resist “aggression from Ukraine”, and Russian pressure has increased sharply.With the Ukrainian army showing no signs of backing down, Russia faces a dilemma.If Russia does nothing, it will lose an important strategic buffer zone and risk alienating other Pro-Russian forces.If Russia sends troops to help, the European Union cannot wait and see, no matter how concerned about the energy crisis, it will have to join the ranks of sanctions against Russia.Clearly, the EU is pessimistic about the situation in Ukraine.The German Wehrmacht has raised its combat readiness in case the situation escalates, and the European Commission has warned of sanctions. The EU and its Allies are ready to impose sanctions on Russia in the energy and technology sectors if the situation in Ukraine escalates.The EU knows that it can neither influence American thinking nor control Ukraine’s adventures, so it can only put pressure on Russia.Germany and France call on Russia to contribute to de-escalation, German Foreign Minister Berberk and His French counterpart Jean-Yles Le Drian said in a joint statement, Sputnik reported.But how else can Russia contribute to detente?Russia’s initiative to withdraw troops, but in return for the provocation of Ukraine, Germany and France’s move seems to require Russia to continue to make concessions. After all, in the view of the EU, once Russia loses control of Eastern Ukraine, Russia will be further restricted, which is more beneficial to the SECURITY of the EU.But for Moscow, there is no turning back, and the best Moscow can do, beyond taking in refugees for humanitarian purposes, is to further flex its military muscle.Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Prime Minister Alexander Lukashenka attended a strategic deterrent exercise, the Kremlin said in a statement released Thursday.It is reported that the Russian Air Force, the southern military region, the strategic missile force, the Northern fleet and the Black Sea Fleet are participating in the exercise.No doubt Mr Putin was suggesting that, despite Russia’s reluctance to act for the time being, the other side should weigh the consequences of a war with its new military might.The US is the one who caused the crisis in Ukraine, so what is the US doing now?As The United States remains aggressive, NATO’s rapid reaction force is being upgraded to a combat readiness level and its deployment time will be accelerated from 30 days to seven.Although Mr Biden does not intend to involve NATO in a war in Ukraine, America’s intention to fan the flames is explicit.U.S. Vice President Harry Harris told a meeting in Moscow that Russia would suffer “unprecedented” consequences if the United States imposed sanctions on Russia if it took further actions against Ukraine.The US has made repeated threats without any sincerity to cool down the situation. Former US lawmakers simply exposed the sinister intentions of the Biden administration.In an interview with fox news, former Congressman tulsi add bud said, as long as Joe biden, promise not to let the Ukraine to join NATO, Ukraine crisis can end, biden government does not do so, however, mainly for two purposes: 1, once the war between Russia and Ukraine, the United States will have a clear an excuse to Russia to implement harsher sanctions.The significance of us sanctions against Russia goes without saying. It will not only strengthen its control over Russia and Europe, block the road of Cooperation between Russia and Europe, but also take the opportunity to harvest the euro.2. Solidify the Cold War structure and the military-industrial complex will make a killing from the war.The US military-industrial complex is in control of the US government, yet it is not in America’s interest to bring us troops directly into the war today, deprives the arms dealers of important opportunities to make money.To do so, America’s arms dealers need a cold war and a climate of fear to keep orders.Mr Biden’s administration has been intent on forging a new Cold War. At first, Mr Biden targeted his Indo-Pacific rivals, but later found that the links between the two countries were too tight to disengage, while the US could not force most of its Allies to take sides.For the time being, America needs to look elsewhere.If Russia and Ukraine go to war, the cold War will be solidified and, to the horror of Europe, the US military-industrial complex will make even more money than it did fighting terrorist groups.It can be said that the United States does not want to prevent the war at all, but wants Russia and Ukraine to start it as soon as possible. The US military-industrial complex just wants to wait and count the money, and ultimately it is the Russian people, the Ukrainian people and even the American people who will pay for the war.With midterm elections looming and the Democratic Party increasingly under threat, the Biden administration is courting conflict more to curry favor with the military-industrial complex than with voters.