The public!The fifth Caidian District Moral model candidate list

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The fifth Selection of Moral model in Caidian district, jointly organized by the Propaganda Department of the District Committee, the Civilization Office of the District Committee, the District Federation of Trade Unions, the District Youth League Committee and the District Women’s Federation, has been actively recommended by various units and departments since its launch in October 2021, and a large number of noble characters, outstanding deeds and recognized by the masses have been elected.After grassroots selection, department review, evaluation committee review, district moral model promotion and evaluation activity organizing committee review and determination, the fifth Caidian District moral model candidates are now open to the public to solicit opinions, the publicity period of one week (excluding statutory holidays).During the publicity period, all circles of society are welcome to learn about candidates’ deeds, and conduct realistic, objective and fair evaluation and supervision.If you have any objection to the candidate, please inform the organizing committee office of the district Moral Model Promotion activity by phone, letter or email before February 9.Address: District Committee Publicity Department, No.18 zhiyinhu Avenue, Caidian District, Wuhan City zip Code: 430100 tel: Publicity Department of CPC Caidian District Committee Culture Office Of CPC Caidian District Committee January 29, 2022 Publicity list of the fifth Caidian District Moral Model candidates: Liu Jianghong, Chen Cuizhen, Wang Chenghui Good Samaritans model candidates:Yin Lice/Xiao Jiwu, Huang Huaguo, Min Xiaoru Model Candidates: Deng Yongqin, Cheng Yingchun, Fan Dan Model Candidates: Yan Zhanfei, Lu Miao, Yang Xuezai, Tu Yan, Liu Yuyu, Xia Mu, Ding Wei, Ma Bo Model Candidates: Xia Ying, Tao Zhe, Xu Jie Statement:The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: