Why do people in the north like pasta and people in the south like rice?Listen to the teacher from a professional point of view

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Ha ha, I am a northerner, see this problem happy!I should say it’s an interesting question about geography and history.I am a high school teacher, from the perspective of knowledge on this issue for a brief analysis, popular science.In fact, a lot of netizens may feel, gathered on the platform, the creators of all over the world.If you pay a little attention, you will find that the works published by netizens, whether they are pictures, texts or videos, all have strong local characteristics.Not only the living environment, eating habits, but also the architectural style and customs are not exactly the same.Just like the question raised by the title, southerners and northerners eat different staple foods.What are north and South?One poem, North and South, was so beautifully written that it was read at many evenings.”Rain in the south, listen to wen Wan Jiangnan whisper, like beautiful and graceful silk bamboo……””The snow in the north, looking at the magnificent foot of the Great Wall, the ancient road rang camel bells…”The north and the South have their own beauty, their own charm.So what’s the line between north and south?There is a very important boundary in geography, the Qinling-Huai River line, regarded as the geographical boundary between the north and the south.There are great differences in geographical phenomena between the south and the north of the demarcation line, including natural conditions, agricultural production methods, geographical features and customs.This geographical demarcation line happens to be the demarcation line between the zero degree Celsius isotherm in January, the 800mm isotherm, the demarcation line between paddy field and dry land, the demarcation line between rice and wheat cultivation, the demarcation line between subtropical and warm temperate zone, the demarcation line between humid and subhumid, and the demarcation line between subtropical monsoon climate and temperate monsoon climate.How’s that?This line is really important. It divides the eastern part of the country into northern and southern parts.The climate in the south is tropical monsoon climate or subtropical monsoon climate. The precipitation is large and the temperature is high, which is a humid area. This climate type is very suitable for rice cultivation.The climate in the north is temperate monsoon climate or temperate continental climate, with less precipitation and concentrated in summer and autumn. The temperature is hot in summer and cold in winter, belonging to semi-arid and arid regions, this climate type is suitable for planting wheat (winter wheat or spring wheat).Winter wheat is sown in autumn and needs to be overwintered.Spring wheat is sown in the spring and cannot overwinter. It is mainly planted in the three northeastern provinces and other high latitude areas.People in the north like pasta, while people in the south prefer rice.In my opinion, it is not so much like, but also a habit, used to, and gradually like.When I was a child, there came to the village a man from the South, a tradesman.Tired and hungry, he happened to meet a peddler selling steamed buns.He bought some steamed bread, put it into his mouth and began to chew it. Seeing how hard he chewed it, he asked him, “Isn’t it delicious?The southerner said, “It’s not that it’s bad, but I can’t bite it, because I’m used to eating rice in the South.As a matter of fact, the new steamed bread seemed to me very soft, but the southerner could not bite it. It seemed that his chewing muscles had not been exercised and he had no strength.At that time, there were not many steamed buns in our village, mainly dried melon pancakes, corn pancakes, sorghum pancakes, and rice was rare.I remember one time, a relative visited my grandmother and brought a little rice.Grandma usually not willing to drink, when cooking porridge, she will put the pot full of water, put dozens of grains of rice, and then use the fire long enough.Grandma looked at me greedily and gave me a bowl of rice porridge.This bowl of porridge is really thin, there are only more than 10 grains of rice in a bowl, each big grain of rice are long, like a white worm.Since we mainly eat pancakes at ordinary times, we have developed chewing muscles. If we drink some rice, it will melt in our mouth, and we will be in our stomach before we have fully chewed it.Nowadays, people’s living standards have improved, transportation conditions have improved, and many people travel all over the world. The physical geographical boundary between the north and the South still exists, but the “cultural boundary” between the north and the south has become blurred, and even blended together.In the north, there are rice noodles, changsha stinky tofu and snail noodles. In the south, there are steamed buns, noodles and fried bread.Because there are a lot of southerners in the north running southern food shops, there are northerners in the south running northern characteristic snacks.With the development of The Times and the progress of society, the dietary habits of the south and the north are also changing slowly.Would you say so?I am Matsuko said education, thanks for reading, welcome to follow, let’s talk about education.