After a loss of 7.6 billion yuan, Guangzhou is cutting its own back and doing the right thing for Chinese football

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Guangzhou’s boss Xu talked about guangzhou’s future development goals and plans in an interview after the salary limit came out and triggered public opinion controversy. He said:Evergrande will not give up football. In the next step, evergrande will do its best to contribute to the development and rise of Chinese football, and make Evergrande football School a cradle for Chinese football stars, while Guangzhou Football Team should be a cradle platform.It can be said that after experiencing the painful experience of losing 7.6 billion yuan in the past seven years and facing dissolution, Guangzhou Team has made a complete change. A super cruise ship that once enjoyed unlimited success in the Chinese Super League has started to turn around in time with light weight and seek for long-term survival and development, which makes people feel the painful change of the club.The salary limit policy seems to be extreme, which is not good for the team’s development in the short term. However, in the long run, it is not only the team saving itself for a rainy day, but also doing the right thing for the future of Chinese football!After acquiring Guangzhou Football Club in March 2010, Guangzhou Evergrande (now known as Guangzhou) began to play a “golden football” wind in the Chinese Super League (CSL), attracting high-quality foreign players and domestic players with high salaries, and creating a new superpower in the CSL.In 2011, Guangzhou won the CSL championship for 8 consecutive years, known as the “eight Champions”, and won the Asian Champions League twice to create history, almost pushing the CSL to the peak.But obviously, this with “money” to create the grand situation, like a short time blowing up the beautiful bubble, as the back of the gold owner economic problems, guangzhou team this big investment in the development of the instant collapse.According to media reports, Guangzhou Team lost more than 1 billion yuan before going public in 2015, while the financial statements disclosed during 2015-19 showed that The losses of Evergrande in these five years were 952 million yuan, 812 million yuan, 986 million yuan, 1.829 billion yuan and 1.95 billion yuan respectively!Over the past seven years, the guangzhou team has lost more than 7.6 billion yuan, most of it on huge salaries paid to its players.In the extremely difficult living environment, Guangzhou team through the release of many veteran, as well as with Gaolat, Aiksen, Alan, Luo Guofu and Finando and other 5 high salary foreign aid (naturalized) after the release of the contract, unloaded heavy burden lightly loaded, completed almost 180 degrees of turn.The goal of evergrande is no longer to win the Chinese Super League and continue its status as a powerhouse, but to become the cradle of Evergrande and contribute to the development of Chinese football.Xu jiayin said at the Evergrande Football Management Conference:In accordance with the requirements for group to Evergrande distraction school building become the cradle of Chinese football star, guangzhou team to cradle platform, through from distraction to the club’s path of talent training, cogent accomplish “football start from the doll”, batches of conveyor outstanding young talent, out of a club and a distraction self hematopoietic, the new way of circle,To contribute to the revitalization of Chinese football.After giving up disbandment and transfer, Guangzhou team has been very difficult to support the player’s huge salary, so in the termination of the contract with 5 foreign aid (naturalized), the club is introduced seemingly with the previous at 10 million high salary formed a sharp contrast, and is even considered to be extreme salary limit order!According to a salary document issued by guangzhou, the starting salary line for first-team players is 60,000 yuan per year, followed by 144,000 yuan for substitutes, 300,000 yuan for key substitutes, 424,000 yuan for key players and 600,000 yuan for elite players.That means guangzhou’s maximum salary will be limited to 600,000 yuan a year, with an average monthly salary of 50,000 yuan before tax, which is equivalent to the salaries of P7 and Tencent 9 level employees.Such a top salary standard, in these two Internet factories, belongs to the income of the low.If it’s a bench player, they’re not even as good as the graduates they just recruited!In the past few years, The salary standard of Guangzhou team is among the top two in The Chinese Super league, and the annual salary of foreign aid is comparable to that of the world’s biggest stars. When buying out Paulinho in 2018, the club offered him a record salary of 110 million RMB, 183.3 times of the maximum salary of 600,000 today, and 1833.3 times of the basic salary of 60,000!Such a big pay cut has almost turned what used to be considered a top-earning group of footballers into an average wage earner, especially those who are not elite first-team players.Considering that players can only rely on their youth to survive, and face the challenge of transition after retirement, such a salary may scare many young people who want to choose professional football.And the public opinion of Guangzhou team such extreme salary limit behavior is constantly arguing, media person Li Xuan posted a joke: “when the Courier earn a lot, but not scolded”;Miao Yuan, a journalist, said: “Overseas players and parents are hesitant to see 60,000-600,000 people. The disorder and changeover of Chinese football is too unpredictable.”Media person Fengzhen pointed out: “Guangzhou team’s maximum salary of 600,000 yuan is definitely not professional football method, other teams should not follow and will not follow”!There’s a lot of debate about the salary cut, but it’s easy to see why, given the huge losses guangzhou has suffered over the years, the close calls to disband or sell the team, and Xu’s new positioning for the team.Guangzhou team chose to limit salary at this time, in fact, is to cut off their arm to save themselves!The team has not been disbanded, nor has a suitable financial owner been agreed to take over. In order to survive, the club must ensure a low cost operation to keep the team alive.In order to survive and choose humble self-help, should not be laughed at!As a result, it will be difficult to attract quality foreign players and drive away some quality domestic players and older players. As a result, Guangzhou will become a team dominated by young players, and it is almost impossible to ensure good results in the Chinese Super League.There may even be a final drop into the relegation zone, after many years back to China!However, after boss Xu made a new position for the current Guangzhou team, these are not the club’s current concerns.According to Wang Xiaorui of Titan Sports, Xu does not have strict requirements for grades and can even accept demotion if he plays in the all-soccer mode.Therefore, it is not difficult for us to imagine that the salary limit issued by Guangzhou Football Team is actually for the future development of Evergrande.Because of this kind of salary, perhaps only those young players who just come out of Evergrande football school can accept.When more Evergrande distraction player is able to enter the guangzhou team to play the Chinese super league team, even play one, as long as it can really play a workout, for their growth, for those who really want to improve their players, and apparently than just into the first team to get high salary and a paper fan gold drunk, forget the beginner’s mind, demoralized, is more important!After pain, guangzhou team and Evergrande distraction would walk into the track of benign development play when young players no longer thinking about make a lot of money by the way, but when thinking about playing money again, so, the guangzhou team pay the pain, will let the team after pain gradually into the track of benign development, and promote Evergrande distraction become true cradle of football talent.First of all, players from Evergrande, if their ability is recognized, can join other teams that offer them high salaries under the rules, and they do not have to go to Guangzhou to be restricted by the salary limit.Those who go to Guangzhou can also be sold or loaned to another club after working hard and improving here, or, at the end of their contract, join another team in search of higher salaries.Guangzhou team through resale and loan, to enhance the income of the club, to ensure the sustainable development of the club.Thus, Evergrande distraction will become true for output Chinese football talent academy school, and the guangzhou team based become Evergrande distraction cradle platform positioning, is expected to let them be “whampoa” of the Chinese super league team, young players play well here show strength, and by other teams away!Secondly, the problems of Chinese football are related to the break of young players, and the reform of Guangzhou will provide a better platform for young players to exercise and develop.From the academy to the league, if they go to another team, they don’t necessarily get a chance and it is very difficult to play in the first team unless they are really good.If they go to Guangzhou, because the team is dominated by young players, they will have a better chance and develop faster than those who sit on the bench in other teams.When China’s young players can really grow up, that’s when Chinese football will see hope.And, guangzhou team this kind of salary limit, is not always so limited in the future, when the club’s financial situation is improved and entered a virtuous cycle, I believe their salary standard will adjust accordingly!Do the right thing for Chinese football Guangzhou’s salary limit is the team’s courage to reflect on themselves in tough times, but also their continued role as the Chinese Super League team reform vanguard performance.This drastic salary cut is a desperate move for the club to seek survival in the current special period, as well as an attempt to adjust the development position of the team. It should not be a model for other teams with conditions to maintain normal operation to follow. It is even more useless to worry that the salary limit in Guangzhou will affect the development of other teams and the league.High-profile rise once the guangzhou team, drive the other team to follow jinyuan football, let the Chinese super league, as the world’s attention once but the jinyuan football now prove it is not a long-term solution, so the guangzhou team in survival time to adjust the direction, and this kind of adjustment, not only is in the Chinese super league start their feet on the ground to consider long-term sustainable development,It is doing the right thing for the development of Chinese football in the future.Chinese men’s football team needs to completely change the image of “high salary and low ability”, and can not take the first-class annual salary in Asia, but play third-rate level and results.This kind of salary limit, for young players, will be the first step to eliminate the false and retain the true. If they play well in the future, they will sign a high salary with other teams, or even go to overseas league, while if they don’t play well, the survival of the fittest will be eliminated, or they will get a salary in line with their value.When Chinese football can remove the dregs and leave those young players who really want to develop on the road of football for a long time and want to win glory for their country by constantly improving their skills, rather than prove themselves dizzy by high salaries and lose their direction, maybe that will be the time when Chinese football really sees the future!