Can’t all housing acquisition compensation resettlement programs be litigated?

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Can’t all housing acquisition compensation resettlement programs be litigated?Shen told his friends that the compensation plan for expropriation is made by the government according to specific standards. If the government disagrees with the compensation plan for expropriation, it can only give its opinion through administrative procedures. But does this mean that all compensation plans for expropriation cannot be sued?The answer was no, Shen told his friends.Have taken place in a village relocation, what a file is done not have, only received the county government to make housing collection of compensation and resettlement plan, unreasonable compensation scheme is special, the villagers didn’t want to sign the agreement, finally through administrative lawsuit request housing collection of compensation and resettlement plan law, the people’s court without a house in the village collective land,The housing expropriation compensation and resettlement program formulated by the town government not only stipulated expropriation compensation methods, relevant subsidies and reward standards, but also clarified expropriation procedures, etc., but there was obviously no factual and legal basis.Finally, the people’s Court confirmed that the compensation scheme was illegal.In fact, for any facts and legal basis of illegal administrative act can be filed a lawsuit requesting confirmation that this is in order to avoid administrative authorities use the illegal basis to greater harm the interests of the people, if you don’t confirm the compensation scheme is illegal, so the township government could use the illegal illegal compensation scheme “a”, “forced”,After the common people house was taken apart, think again safeguard right very passive.Above is about all building collect compensatory find a place for a plan to cannot lawsuit of this one problem simple introduction, hope can help the friend that has need!If you encounter problems, you can consult a professional!