Chenzhou Chen Huiqun: A village party secretary who became acquainted with road

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Chen Huiqun, male, born in October 1968, taipingli Group, Shizhan Village, Wugaishan Town, Suxian District, Chenzhou City, former Tiejiping village party secretary, now deputy Party secretary of Shizhan Village.As a village cadre for more than 10 years, Chen Huiqun cares about the sufferings of the people, responds to the voice of the masses, and strives to do practical and good things for the villagers.To get rich, build roads first. No matter how remote the place is, build roads first so that the local society and economy can develop.When Chen Huiqun first became the party secretary of Tiejiaping Village, there was no decent road in the village. In addition, the wugai Mountain, where Tiejiaping village was located, made road construction a difficult problem for Chen Huiqun.In response, Chen back to the group of positive action, for money, down to do a good job of the villagers thought, has constructed the highway, even the XiaJiang XiaJiang tong group to too pyongni, YaoJia ridge, family, 207 provincial highway granite col and bitter bamboo temples, heaven hill to swan hall set of highway, a total of 13 km, really realize the real ping village “way pathway” goal,The solution to the villagers’ “nowhere to go” problem, has been widely praised by the people.In March 2018, Chen Huiqun and Chen Billi, director of his miniencun village, were returning from an errand in Chenzhou when they drove their car near Mashiao of Provincial Highway 207. Chen was shocked to see a rickshaw with a badly damaged front lying on the side of the road. The driver was bleeding and seriously injured inside the cab.”There has been an accident and people have been injured.”Chen Huiqun immediately responded, quickly pulled over to the side of the car, beckoned Chen Bili to come forward to save people, and immediately took out his mobile phone to call 120 ambulance number.Through the joint efforts of the two men, the injured driver was successfully rescued.After 120 ambulance arrived, Chen Huiqun and Chen Bili assisted the ambulance personnel to escort the injured to the ambulance vehicle, and then quietly left.Because rescuing the wounded won precious time for the treatment of the wounded, Chen Huiqun and Chen Bili were commended by the Suxian District government for their “good samaritanism”.At 4 am in January 2019, Chen Huiqun was awakened by a phone call from Li Lin, secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee of the Town. Only then did he learn that a private car had been trapped for several hours on the icy road at Mashi Ao. There was a child in the car who was crying because of fear.After receiving the call, Chen huiqun immediately put on the anti-skid device and rushed to the scene on foot despite the dangerous road at night, and properly transferred the private car to lion Rock Village Committee.In Chen Huiqun’s eyes, serving the people is always on the road, which is Chen Huiqun’s strict requirements for his work and his solemn commitment to the masses.(Source: Suxian District Civilization Office)