Clear bowel clear grease, after big meal even drink 2 days, my thin body small secret, thin 3 catties

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It’s a weekend dinner at the office. Everybody knows that.Don’t go?The company is such a good welfare, do not enjoy the feeling of loss ah, in addition to the good opportunity to mingle with colleagues, how can not give up.Go to?This guy, a meal anxious to go up 5 catties, their heart of the plan to lose weight is going to fail.Dilemma ah, don’t worry, friends, ha ha, I also often encountered such a problem, there are problems to solve, a reduced fat soup and share oh snow pear [heart] a [heart] a [heart] cucumber honey half spoon [heart] 200 ml warm water next practices is very simple, snow pear with salt scrub clean, cut into small pieces, to go nuclear.Rinse cucumbers with salt water, peel and slice.Then put into the wall breaking machine or juicer, add a little honey, it is OK, super simple after dinner go home quickly drink a cup, the next morning to a cup, quickly go to the toilet, the grease yesterday should be cleaned up, the absorption absorption, refreshed, even exhaled air is filled with cucumber cool.Guys, let’s try it.Have any question or feel to leave a message to me ha I am a stream, a keen food slimming fitness of ordinary people, daily share a variety of small tricks, pay attention to me, together become thin and beautiful # every festival thin three catty #