County people’s Congress when the environmental remediation competition “chief judge”

2022-06-21 0 By

Charity public welfare newspaper (Liu Zhishang Li Xia our reporter Shang Luo) “Friend ding, come and check, see if I clean up this section of road?”In Wangzhuang village, Zhaomiao Town, Weishan County, Jining City, Shandong Province, volunteers of the village’s new era of civilization practice are carrying out an “environmental sanitation renovation competition” action.Although the weather was still cold, everyone was full of enthusiasm and energy. The “youding” in everyone’s mouth was the “chief judge” of this “competition” action — Wang Youding, weishan County NPC deputy and member of wangzhuang Village two committees.When it comes to the “parade” living environment regulation, Wang Youding is very mixed feelings, “green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan, now let’s environmental protection consciousness of people are strengthened, since before the Spring Festival, our town residential environment view, folks are all in the reflection, how can let us keep on the living environment of the norm, the village two committees to discuss, have a ranking of environmental health regulation,Show me which team did the best job…”As soon as this “competition” initiative was launched, all the villagers took an active part in it.In wangzhuang village in the lake garden community, the road is clean and tidy, some residents also take the initiative to clean their buildings around the fallen leaves, garbage and so on, and then look at the roadside planting flowers and plants ornament, the environment here and the city’s community is no difference.For implementation and party spirit, create a good living environment, for days, in Wang Youding suggestion, zhao temple town to carry out in longitudinal and transverse to the edge of the end of living environment “check list of revealing the change initiative, establish Bao Village leading cadres, workers and the working mechanism of village cadres BaoHu strictly implement the system of hutong, long alley, there packages to long,Prominent in road dust of management, increase straw management of waste incineration, coal scattered management crucial action, environment and health regulation, intensify prevention and control the accountability, to improve air quality of residential environment, to form the town to supervise, village, qi in good situation, to further improve the villagers’ sense of well-being, access to.