How to check social security card balance?

2022-06-21 0 By

Phone balance, call customer service can be queried.Bank card balance, login bank APP can be queried.In this case, how to check the balance on our social security card?Many people have only one card and don’t use it as often as a bank card.So you don’t always know how much money you have left in your card.If you suddenly have to go to the hospital and run out of money, it can be awkward.So, today, we’re going to show you how to easily know your Social Security balance!There are many ways to find out your social Security balance.There are 4 big categories alone, and the way among them, it is as many as 10.Pick the one that feels most convenient to you and help you out.The first category: telephone inquiries.1, local telephone inquiries.In fact, you only need to search “XX City social security card query balance” on the browser.The corresponding local phone number will be found in the webpage opened.After dialing, you can inquire directly.However, it is recommended to make the call during working hours on a weekday.2. 12333 service hotline.As we all know, this hotline is dedicated to the Social Security telephone service.After dialing, you only need to follow the prompts and operate step by step.Or simply choose the human service, you will know the answer.However, such an approach may require you to prepare your ID number in advance, as well as your Social Security number and password.Make sure it’s in person.The second category: APP query.Both Alipay and wechat have more and more complete functions now.In addition to paying utilities, checking your social security card balance is almost a breeze.Even when you go out, you can use your electronic health insurance card without your social security card.2. Wechat 3. The APP of 12333 people Club is just like the exclusive APP of the bank.Since it is specialized software, inquiry function is also provided naturally.CHS National Healthcare Service About this software, many people may be relatively unfamiliar.But in fact, it is a special APP of the National Medical Insurance Administration.Using this software, you can not only know the balance on the card, but also query some drugstores, hospitals and so on.The third category: website query.1, social security official website on the official website, find the “annual social insurance individual rights and interests record sheet query”, you can know the balance on your card according to your individual needs.But relatively speaking, it may not be as simple as the above methods.2. The local community website is actually the same, but the scope is narrowed.Just find the relevant content to find the answer you are looking for.Fourth type: Onsite terminal query.1, the department of human resources and social security on-site inquiry, is always the right way.As with pension eligibility, there may be some hiccups in either approach.But the scene inquiry, it is immutable truth.Go to the human resources and social security department of your city and explain your history.Bring your ID, your social security card, your code, whatever you need to know.In fact, this is the way that many people are using. After buying medicine in the drugstore, they look at the balance on the card on the bill.All the data up here, they’re up to date.So every time I look at it, I get an idea.