Liaoning man came home from work in advance, unlocked the house to scare the two women, the door opened the reaction is too warm heart

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For workers, the happiest time of the day is when they leave work.But it’s not just the people at work who are eager to go home. The families waiting for them at home also want them to leave early so they can come home and be with them, so leaving early is the happiest thing for everyone.A man from Haicheng, Liaoning province, returned home early from work without telling his wife and daughter in order to surprise them.A man in Haicheng, Liaoning province, recently recorded the reactions of his wife and daughter when he returned home early from work. They were first scared, then surprised and finally extremely happy because they didn’t know about it beforehand, which has sparked heated discussion online.In the picture, we can see that the mother and daughter are playing in the living room at first, enjoying themselves and not listening carefully to what is happening outside.Suddenly, the door spread the sound of unlocking, home only they two girls, so two people tightly embrace together still think is a thief came in, they are very nervous staring at the door.When they see the man, they are surprised at first, then the wife is smiling from ear to ear and the daughter is jumping up and down to greet her father.Netizens saw this scene also expressed some moved, think that this is everyone’s heart yearning for life, home is warmly welcomed by the family.Some netizens said that they also want to learn from their children’s mother, back after the smiling face looked at the mood is very good.Some netizens say there are reasons for wanting to go home early.Xiaobian see mother and daughter happy appearance also feel that this family life must be very happy, so they will be so happy to see the man back, it is really an enviable family.