Nanping city officially announced the fourth batch of rural revitalization star model village list 30 villages were selected

2022-06-21 0 By

February 8, taihai Network reported that The city officially announced the fourth batch of rural revitalization star demonstration village list, Pucheng County Shipi Town Budun village and other 30 villages were evaluated, including 5 five-star demonstration villages, 10 four-star demonstration villages, 15 three-star demonstration villages.Since 2019, the city takes the lead in innovation to develop rural revitalization of the star in the whole province demonstration village of activities, various counties (city, area) actively organize domain village to participate in the activities of creating, emerge a batch of industrial environment, to learn of replication can promote rural revitalization of the star demonstration model, out of the country with the characteristic of nanping the revitalization of the road.The city’s agriculture and rural areas have maintained steady progress and improved development. Grain and important agricultural products have been effectively guaranteed, the overall agricultural production capacity has been significantly increased, the pace of rural construction has been accelerated, achievements in poverty alleviation have been consolidated and expanded, farmers’ income has continued to grow steadily, and the level of rural governance has been significantly improved.The city has also praised the advanced units and individuals for 2021 rural revitalization.Comrade were given Wu Yushen etc nine “a love understand two good secretary” comrade Yang hua, pool and other nine “outstanding residency, first secretary of the will” comrade, xue should keep nine “outstanding science and technology correspondent” comrade, swim swan etc. Eight “rural innovation entrepreneurship star” rice grain co., LTD., fujian xu nine companies such as “wan qi xing wan village,”Star enterprise to Help The Village enrich the People” and 13 other comrades, including Shu Huisong, “Advanced Workers in Rural revitalization”.(Lu Guohua qiu Jiwen)