Research and development of more than 3000 course resource packages, Shenzhen Institute of Education and Science to promote a combination of measures to ensure online teaching

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In order to ensure the health of teachers and students as well as the safety of the campus, students from grade four to grade two in Shenzhen will return to school as scheduled today (February 21).The reporter learned from the Shenzhen Institute of Education Science (hereinafter referred to as “Municipal Institute of Education Science”) that in order to ensure the effectiveness of online teaching, the institute has deployed in advance, through guiding curriculum planning, strengthening online teaching management, research and development of online teaching resource packages and homework design samples, to ensure the quality of classroom teaching.How to ensure scientific, reasonable and efficient online teaching work?The Municipal Institute of Education and Science issued online Teaching Guidelines for Non-senior Three Students in spring Semester of 2022 to guide all districts (schools) to develop a special online teaching management system and scientific and reasonable curriculum plans.Each grade is required to arrange one class of art appreciation, music appreciation and indoor sports every day to ensure the organic combination of curriculum and activities.At the same time, the Municipal Institute of Education and Science organizes teaching and research staff to conduct online class Tours based on disciplines and study sections to timely understand students’ learning status and organize teachers to carry out online teaching and research activities to ensure classroom teaching effects.The institute said it will continue to collect excellent teaching resources and establish a sharing mechanism to improve the quality of teaching.In order to reduce the burden of teachers and students, the Municipal Institute of Education and Science has organized key teachers of basic education to participate in the construction of online teaching resource packages for compulsory education in Shenzhen.This year, 3484 online teaching course resource packages have been developed, covering 45 subjects in primary school, junior middle school and senior high school, including teaching micro-videos, teaching design and teaching PPT, etc. Meanwhile, 679 compulsory education homework samples for each school section and grade have been compiled.All resource packs and homework samples have been uploaded to the municipal education cloud platform for schools, teachers and students to choose.According to the introduction, the online subject curriculum resource package can be directly arranged for schools and teachers in each district students to watch directly, by teachers to help answer questions.The resource package and homework samples can be used as reference for teachers’ lesson preparation in offline teaching, which can be used by various districts and schools in teaching and research.The teaching progress of one month after the semester has been pushed, and it will be regularly pushed in advance according to the teaching progress.According to the Municipal Institute of Education and Science, the subject course resource package and homework design samples are all original by shenzhen teaching and research staff and primary and secondary school teachers. Authorized by the developer, they can only be used for teaching by Shenzhen primary and secondary school teachers. Without the developer’s authorization, they cannot be used for other purposes.Sun Ying Shenzhen Institute of Education and Science Sun Ying South Press Media Group South + client source: South + – create more value