Why do so many people choose to join the army as freshmen?This is to make life more worthwhile!

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Why do many people choose to be a soldier when they are freshmen? Is it so good to be a soldier?My answer: I am working in a small county, very clear about the situation of the local army and military academy, every year there are a lot of college students choose to sign up for the army, in the autumn conscription, there are a lot of college freshmen want to go to the army as a soldier, this is a very normal phenomenon!When I contact the conscription work, I will also exchange questions with these college freshmen or college students, and sometimes I will ask them why they choose to join the army at this time. Different people have different answers, but generally speaking, there are mainly the following reasons.First, not to be a soldier’s life is not complete, this is a lot of young people have the idea why some freshmen now choose to be a soldier in the army?When I am in contact with the conscription work, I will talk with some young people who are in college and have joined the army, and ask them why they choose to join the army. Many of them have one answer, that is, their life would not be complete if they do not join the army.The age limit for joining the army is between 18 and 20 years old. The age limit can be extended to 22 for college students and 24 for college graduates. After this age, one cannot choose to join the army.To the army is a very valuable experience, a lot of things can only go to the army, if between the age of 18 to 24, chose not to go to the army, the future never get a chance to go to the army, which for many young people is a big regret, also can let oneself feel life really missing something.When I talked with these young people, some of them who want to serve in the army for two years to train themselves, I suggested that they should serve in the most difficult units, and they are willing to serve in these difficult places.The more difficult the place is, the more they can experience a different life. For example, if a young man does not go to the army, many people will never go to the border line. These growth experiences can greatly promote the sublimation of one’s personality.2, the university is in school go be a soldier for two years, retire from the army does not affect to read, still can be exempted from an exam rise this and take an examination of grind add points why is a lot of universities in school now choose to go to the army be a soldier for two years?There is also a very important consideration, that is, when studying in the university, after going to the army and returning from military service, it will not affect the future study, and when graduating from the university, it can also enjoy the situation of exemption from examinations and additional points for postgraduate entrance examination.College students who join the military can retain their school status until the day they leave the military and can return to school for two years.Veterans to go back to school to continue reading, after apply to the school, you can also choose to turn professional, for some at the time of the university entrance exam, not to be able to choose their favorite professional youth, it is also a very good way, can adjust to their own professional, this is also what many people go to the army as a freshman.For many only admitted to the university or college in the university entrance exam of youth, in college, also gradually realize the importance of education, choose to go to the army two years back, wu back university graduation of time, you can choose an exemption to rise only this, it is also a very good policy, for many young people are also very attractive.When specialized subject record of formal schooling and undergraduate course record of formal schooling are looking for a job, the gap is still more obvious, for a few job posts, if you have specialized subject record of formal schooling only, the chance that may connect interview does not have, have undergraduate course of formal schooling, your obtain employment face will be wide a lot of.If a youth itself is an undergraduate student, choose to go to the army retired two years back to continue reading, conform to the corresponding condition when undergraduate course graduation, also can be in one’s deceased father grind points, can be avoided or even try a graduate school, you can also enter oneself for an examination, the Ministry of Education of individual enrollment plan, these are all very good.Three, discharged from the army to study, can solve the problems of ordinary family for children to read in these youth exchanges, and there is also a part of the youth is mainly consider the factor of family economy, for an ordinary family, now want to go to the university, for a child or have certain economic pressure, because during the university, every month need bigger overhead., for example, if a child to read university, each semester need to pay tuition fees, tuition, books, and so on a series of cost, every month give children a certain cost of living, although every sum of money at much, but add up all the money is a very large number, for some of these ordinary families or poor families, economic pressure is very big indeed.Especially for families with two or three children studying, the economic pressure will be greater, because the cost of one child is relatively large, while the cost of three children studying will be larger, even if the parents of a family work outside, there will still be a lot of pressure.If a young man choose to go to the army, the army back to continue reading, you can apply for tuition compensation, compensatory basically during the university does not need to pay the tuition, the army will also be able to get a lot of ex fee, and local YouFuJin, after reading the whole university no economic pressure, also will not have any impact on the family.For these ordinary families or families with several children studying, it is indeed a good choice for children to serve in the army, which can solve many problems and enable children to successfully complete their studies.Four, the school is very general, go to the army test point, hope to be able to change destiny when to communicate with these university students, many young people choose to go to the army, there is also a consideration, that is what the current reading school is very general, want to go to the army for test point, through the test point to change the fate of life.In front of many articles, I have things done analysis of the college entrance examination, in the midst of the university entrance exam, if you don’t have to enter a good university, during the period of university, it’s hard to learn useful knowledge, because in the university, of more general style will not very good, what you really want to learn something, it’s hard to not affected by the surrounding environment.If a college student chooses to become a soldier in the army, he or she can take the examination organized by the army in his or her second and third years. During the examination, he or she can apply for two types of military academies. The first is the officer academy, which is an undergraduate college, and the second is the non-commissioned academy, which is a junior college.As long as you can successfully enter a military school, whether it is an officer school or a non-commissioned officer school, you can get a full-time degree after graduating from university, have a good space for development in the army, and can get a better pay and a more stable job.Life changes the fate of the opportunity very much, such as the university entrance exam, one’s deceased father grind is a life-changing opportunity of fate, to go to the army, in the long-term development of the forces, participate in the organization’s KaoXue forces, choose college students’ soldiers carry work, etc., these is also a chance to change the fate of life, as long as you hold one to two, your life will be different fate.Five, want to go to the army, the demand is very much also, can stick has a great progress in contact conscription work every year, I also know a lot of college students, although there are a lot of people want to go to the army, but it would be able to go to the army’s youth is minority after all, because as a soldier of the quota is limited, the requirements of a soldier is also high,Not all young men are fit for the army.In the process of becoming a soldier, the elimination rate is the highest part of the physical examination. If a young man has some physical problems and fails to pass the physical examination, he will be eliminated directly and will have no chance to enter the next part.In the pre-service education and training, the management will be based on the management mode of the army. Mobile phones should be managed uniformly, people are not allowed to go out at ordinary times, and there are very clear rules on what to do at what time. In this process, some young people with weak will will be eliminated directly.Later to the army, there will be three months of the recruit training time, during the recruit training will also organize a medical and political exam review, if physical indexes changed in the review, does not conform to the soldiers, will also be forces come back, if during the period of new recruits training, thought fluctuation is bigger, I don’t want to remain in force, will handle it according to refuse to perform military service.Really down to the company after work, also have more training mission, every day is hard work, although there are a lot of entertainment, but management is strict, can’t use mobile phone, the test for many young people are, only to insist on down, can really learn, in order to make the effective exercise.The above are my views and understanding on this issue, and I hope my analysis can help you to some extent. I also sincerely wish that all young people who want to join the army can join the army smoothly, make progress in the army, and contribute to the national defense construction of our country.