How to raise high quality white palm?Can adopt 2 maintenance methods, a variety of environment suitable, beautiful

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White palm can be preserved by soil cultivation and hydroponics.Soil planting white palm needs to ensure that the basin soil is loose, breathable, good drainage, keep a wet and warm environment, meet the appropriate light conditions;Hydroponic white palm needs to maintain clean water quality, need to maintain a growth environment temperature between 10℃ and 30℃, keep a good scattered light irradiation environment, avoid direct sunlight, appropriate supplement nutrient solution to promote flowering.1. Soil cultivation and maintenance first need to prepare a loose, breathable and good drainage basin soil to grow white palm. If there is decomposed organic fertilizer at home, some can be added appropriately at the bottom of the basin soil as a base fertilizer.In addition, still can be in the process of daily watering, join the liquid fertilizer after a few dilution, can promote flower plant to grow effectively.But everyone remember to water the white cut the plant in the process of, do not take on too much, but also cannot too dry, because the white is a kind of like to plant in humid temperate environment of growth, so needs when dry climate and plant growth environment, spraying water to maintain moisture, which can make blades of the fresh green, the autumn winter season,Plants will go into a dormant state and watering can be reduced appropriately.Soil planted white palm also need regular replacement of the soil, every 1 ~ 2 years you need to white palm in soil to raise again, in the process also need to trim the roots of the plant, some aging and pathological changes of root pruning is clean, and then remove part of the old soil, change more nutritious new soil, such ability can meet the demand of white cut on soil nutrients,At the same time can also be selected according to the size of the plant pot maintenance.2. Hydroponics White palm is a kind of flower plant that likes to grow in the tropical rainforest area, so hydroponics can be used for conservation.This indoor maintenance of white palm, it will make the environment more clean and beautiful, reduce the dust caused by soil planting flowers.And the maintenance of hydroponic white palm is relatively simple, basically can keep it well.Hydroponic white palm first to maintain a clean water quality, that is to say, we should be diligent to change water and clean the root of the white palm, so as to effectively avoid the generation of bacteria due to turbidity of water quality, resulting in the root of the white palm decay.In the process of changing water, we can also check whether the root system of white palm has pathological changes. If there are many old roots, some aging roots can be cut off, so as to promote the germination of white palm more new roots.Hydroponic white palm need to keep a warm environment, but to control water temperature between 15 ℃ and 20 ℃, and the difference of room temperature too high, at the same time a hydroponic white palm has a high requirement for the light, not as big as soil planted white palm demand for sunshine, so you just need to keep an appropriate scattered light environment, avoid direct sunlight,Especially in summer, we must pay attention to shade management.In the subsequent process of growth, also need to add some hydroponic nutrient solution, because keep of white palm with water, its nutrients without soil planted so much, so I need artificial increase more nutrient solution, such ability can promote a healthy growth and development status of white palm, in flowering can also add some under, can effectively promote the white flower.Finally, if you know more about how to raise white palm, please share your tips in the comments below.