Innovation leads the way! Take subway to play football!The first “football stadium on the subway” of The island city was made an amazing appearance, and the “Qingdao on the rail” landed firmly

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Peninsula media reporter Guo Zhenliang focuses on the investment target of 300 billion yuan, based on the six development visions, comprehensively expand the five track, 2022 is the “project breakthrough year” of Qingdao metro.This year, Qingdao Metro will push forward the construction of all the 7 lines of the third phase planning, 139 kilometers, accelerate the implementation of TOD key projects, make full efforts in commercial operation, industrial development and capital operation, and steadily advance the three-year action of urban renewal and urban construction, so as to contribute to the construction of a modern international metropolis.At present, the construction of Qingdao metro line under construction is accelerating, among which the main structure of 25 stations of Line 4 has been completed.The top of the main structure of 6 open-cut stations in the first phase of Line 6 has been sealed, and the excavation of the main structure of 6 underground stations has been completed.Orderly progress was made in the western extension of Line 8 and Line 2.In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, tens of thousands of subway workers stick to the construction and operation lines, and 75 construction sites of the seven subway lines under construction do not stop work during the Spring Festival, pushing forward with the acceleration of “100 meters sprint”.On February 11, the construction area of the left line between Nanzaike station and Pengjiazhuang station of subway Line 4 was in full swing.”We are in charge of laying the tracks for the eastern section of Line 4, from Dongjia Xiazhuang station to Dahe East Station, with a total of 31 km of tracks and 14 sets of crossings,” Guo Mingxuan, head of the 02 bid project of Line 4 of China Railway 11th Bureau, told reporters.Our project has now completed 12 kilometers of track laying, 8 sets of turnout laying and 35% of the overall task.During the Spring Festival, we had 180 construction and management staff stick to their posts and speed up the progress of track laying to contribute to the construction of Metro Line 4.At present, about 350 people have entered the project, and more people will be employed in the near future. It is expected to increase to about 600 people by the end of this month.”In 2021, Qingdao rail transit phase III plan “applied in the same year, approved in the same year and started in the same year” created “Qingdao Speed”.The second phase of Line 2, Line 5 and Line 7 will start construction on December 30, 2021. Pipeline relocation, green relocation, road flow regulation and site construction are under way. The remaining four lines are scheduled to start construction in the first half of this year.On The 11th, the reporter interviewed Fan Enbo, secretary of the CPC Branch of China Railway 25th Bureau project, which is engaged in the construction of the second phase of subway Line 2, and he told the reporter:”We approach from the end of last year, the project department in DaChuan road and waterway junction, dragon is the surroundings play immediately after survey, pipeline survey, now do is migration work in the landscape, and pipeline survey statistical work has been basically finished, the next step forward is the way of basins and so on related work, this year will also follow the civil construction.We started to participate in the construction of Qingdao metro line 3, which has been opened to traffic and is under construction including Line 2, Line 1, Line 11 and Line 4. With the accumulated experience of these completed lines, we are confident to do a good job in this project.”CRCC Qingdao subway project headquarters of the general manager, vice secretary of the party working and line 5 the civil project manager intends to apply a standard aminta told reporters that China railway construction in Qingdao subway project headquarters since play, all the contractors and cooperated-builing personnel to start “the decisive battle, launching the sprint” high morale, have the courage to bear, work hard, actively promote efficient rapid implementation of all work.Before the festival, with the support of the construction unit and property rights unit, the project headquarters realized the road closure and flow regulation of Changchuan Road station in The phase ii of Line 2, the inclined shaft of Longchuan Road station in the Phase 06 and the Inclined shaft of The Expo Park station completed the enclosure, and the inclined shaft of the Expo Park station started earthwork excavation and solid engineering pile foundation construction.The construction of cantilever pile for green transfer into the original TBM shaft in 02 work area of Line 5 has been completed. The excavation of inclined shaft and transfer channel transformation construction have begun in Ningxia Road Station of 03 Work area. The first retaining pile of the inclined shaft in Funing overpass has been completed.Ruichang Road station in work area completed the construction of retaining structure test pile., in order to ensure ensure post-holiday quickly return to work and production, take various effective measures to project headquarters, prepared to return to work, pays special attention to the personnel accepting heart and job site safety inspection work, to return personnel information registration, strictly implement the policy of “two yards of a nucleic acid”, cogent accomplish the epidemic prevention and control and the project to return to work.At the same time, plan in advance, open a good “start the first lesson”, do a good job of admission workers to resume work safety education and safety technology disclosure.On February 10th, hanchuan Road station sewage pipeline transformation of the second phase project of Line 2 officially started, which opened the prelude for the whole line construction.CRCC will accelerate the construction progress in an all-round way, serve Qingdao’s urban development strategy, contribute to the construction of Qingdao metro and contribute to Qingdao’s urban development.From the experience of advanced metro cities at home and abroad, TOD development is an inevitable choice to upgrade the city’s energy level, accelerate urban renewal, and solve the problems of big cities.At present, Qingdao is in the transition stage from relatively extensive development to convolution development. The old city is faced with a series of problems, such as the urgent need to improve public services and municipal facilities, insufficient industrial space, and lack of urban vitality.The original reconstruction mode with the tendency of “large-scale demolition and construction” is no longer suitable for the needs of social development, and it is urgent to promote systematic organic urban renewal through TOD mode to improve the quality and efficiency of the stock space.In 2022, Qingdao Metro will develop a number of TOD projects along the subway line. At present, the main structure of The View of Haiti project and the Park project has been completed.Shibei District ARTIFICIAL Intelligence Industry Cluster Zone project, South Island Project and Qingdao North Railway Station Traffic business District project are being accelerated.Zhang Jiangang, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Qingdao Metro Group, said that while completing the line construction investment of 100 billion yuan, during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the group proposed TOD development of 100 billion yuan, 21 key projects are planned to be launched within three years.It can be said that Qingdao metro has enough broad market space and can provide everyone with sufficient opportunities for industrial investment and market participation.We will accelerate the construction of a safe, convenient, efficient and green urban rail transit network system and build a “Qingdao on rails” through three-year action.Taking Tsingtao Railway Real Estate as a platform, Qingdao Metro has comprehensively sorted out 13 lines, 503 kilometers and 266 stations in the city, determined 113 square kilometers of rebuildable land and 106 important stations for comprehensive DEVELOPMENT of TOD, screened out 21 key TOD projects and reserved more than 60 TOD projects.By 2024, Qingtie Real Estate plans to achieve the precise landing of 21 TOD comprehensive development projects, acquiring land area of more than 6,000 mu and driving investment of more than 100 billion yuan.It provides at least 21 TOD project planning and design, more than 6 million square meters of property development and construction volume, at least 30 commercial projects operation and more than 1 million square meters of industrial carrying space and other business opportunities for various market entities.Next, will be in accordance with the “groundwork, key project construction, a year two years to build the skeleton, in full swing, triennale morphology, preliminary complete” overall development goal, strive to establish surging mouth center business vitality area project of Qingdao TOD, which was the sample project of comprehensive development for the city’s subsequent TOD set typical demonstration project implementation.The first “football stadium on subway” in Qingdao was unveiled with surprise, and the Chinese Women’s football team won the Asian Cup. The football culture further stimulated the interest of young people in football. Just after the Spring Festival of 2022, children were having football training in qingtie Sports qiaolun Sports Park.The reporter learned from the interview that Qingdao Metro Group actively responded to the national strategy of national fitness, in order to help the development of youth football in Qingdao, in-depth layout of the sports industry, in 2021, the joint venture Qingdao Qingtie United Sports Industry Co., LTD.At the same time, taking advantage of the convenient advantages of urban rail transit artery, the first completed “sports park on rail transit — Qingtie Sports · Qiaolun Sports Park” has become a new favorite of many sports enthusiasts in Qingdao city, which is also a successful exploration of Qingdao metro in commercial operation.Deep road primary school grade four students platinum king lam told reporters: “I begin to play in the kindergarten, is now played in four years, before a lot of course, I feel or QingTie · jolen sports park is best, because the subway to here, more than ten minutes to family transport convenience, but also can with my classmates, we happily to play football.In terms of facilities, the grass is comfortable and there is light at night. It is a great personal experience.”According to introducing, QingTie · jolen sports park invested by Qingdao QingTie business development co., LTD. Qingdao QingTie joint co., LTD., operations management, sports industry park is located in the north train station, 2 km to the south of datong south road on the 8th, metro line 1 anshun road subway station port A out into the park, namely sports park covers an area of 2.5 square meters now,It has one 11-a-side football court, two five-a-side football courts, one beach football volleyball court, two basketball courts, one tennis court and one cage ball multi-functional training court, which can park more than 120 small vehicles.It is convenient to connect the districts of east, West, north and south through the subway network.Chen Guanyu, former national futsal team member, C-level coach of Chinese Football Association and head coach of Qingtie Sports Qiaolun Elite Football Team, told reporters:Completion of “QingTie · jolen sports park has attracted a lot of Qingdao each big sports club coach, and children to view, competition, training, can say QingTie · jolen sports park stadium construction scale and supporting in Qingdao is the first-class level, make the playing field, eleven is strictly in accordance with the standards of FIFA’s construction,Lighting, grass and other hardware standards are high, and it is close to the subway station, which is very good for parents to pick up and train their children.The five-a-side field is mainly to attract Qingdao school team to carry out five-a-side competition. In order to better play the district Cup and mayor cup, the large field can be used not only by children, but also by adults, which can attract the company team to organize the team building competition.Beach football and volleyball venues can consider carrying out beach competitions in shandong or even the whole country.”As an iconic figure in Qingdao football, qiao Lun, chairman of Qingdao Qingtie United Sports Industry Co., LTD., told reporters:”We are committed to Qingdao interest in children’s fitness training, campus football culture sports activities to create, juvenile football talent cultivation, from interest in training, to the basic training, elite selection, the organization creates a systematic and continuous training and competition system, area mode children’s football carnival activities, sinking campus building the campus class league matches in each class,Let the youth simulate the professional football ritual.Qingdao citizens are welcome to take subway Line 1 to participate in sports. The operation time is from 8:30 to 22:30 every day. The price of football court is from 300 to 1000 yuan, and the price of basketball court is from 100 to 200 yuan.The reserved price of the tennis court ranges from 100 to 200 yuan.Moreover, promotional activities will be held from time to time. Details of the activities will be released through the wechat official account of ‘Qingtie Sports · Qiaolun Sports Park’ and the wechat official account of ‘Qingdao Metro’, and venues can be booked through the reservation phone.”When it comes to the next development plan, jolen, according to the construction of sports venues will be in Qingdao subway along the resource integration, according to the size of the subway along the site planning, if the site is small can consider two specific fields or basketball court, area is large, with a more than 60000 square meters of line 4 planning of the sports park as an example,It has a variety of functions such as sports events, parent-child activities and tourism. After completion, it will become a large venue for people to go to leisure sports on weekends.Generally speaking, sports parks can be large or small. As long as they are suitable for sports along the subway line, we will try to meet the needs of ordinary people.Qingdao Metro gets off to a good start Based on “Six Visions” On February 11th, the 2022 work deployment mobilization Meeting of Qingdao metro construction and the development and construction of metro line was held in the emergency command center of Qingdao Metro Group.Group chairman, party secretary of Qingdao subway jian-gang zhang said at the meeting, the city’s subway construction into a new stage of development, have more opportunities, also faces more severe challenges, to unify thoughts, mix, based on the urban development overall situation, further clear responsibility, detailed division of labor, compaction, efforts to promote key projects fall to the ground,We will ensure that the three-year campaign for urban renewal and urban development gets off to a good start.First, we need to fully understand the situation and build consensus on development.Second, clear objectives and tasks and tackle key projects.Third, we must strictly observe the bottom line of security and consolidate the responsibilities of all parties.In 2022, Qingdao Metro will focus on the key tasks of “Three-year Action of Urban renewal and Urban construction”, strive to build world-class subway and strive to become a first-class urban investment and construction operator.We will comprehensively accelerate the construction of Line 4, the western extension section of Line 2, the first phase of Line 6, the southern section of Line 8, the second phase of Line 2, Line 5 and Line 7, and orderly push forward the construction of the second batch of lines planned in phase III.Accelerate the development of TOD projects, and strive to create a batch of TOD benchmark demonstration projects of “integration of station and city, integration of industry and city, priority of industry, complex functions, green and livable”.Make every effort to expand and strengthen the metro Group, stimulate the vitality of the metro with a new business model and capital operation, effectively relieve the financial pressure of the government, build a local hundred-billion industrial cluster, exchange orders for shares, promote technology with scenes, gather industries with investment, change benefits with flow, and promote capitalization of assets.Accelerate the conversion of scientific and technological achievements, achieve maximum energy saving and efficiency, vigorously implement the “dual carbon” strategy, speed up the construction of smart subway, and build an intelligent residue control platform.Matching urban strategies, we will accelerate the implementation of key projects.2022 is the “year of project breakthrough and landing” of Qingdao Metro Group. Qingdao Metro will closely follow the requirements of provincial and municipal rail transit development planning and fully implement the “365-year plan” development strategy:Focusing on the 300 billion investment target of “line construction, TOD development and rail transit industrial cluster”, based on the six development visions of “transport more people, make more money, use the least electricity, let more people work and live on both sides of the subway, Qingdao Subway built in Qingdao, match the city strategy”, continue to deepen the market-oriented reform.Comprehensively expand the “construction, operation, development, operation and capital operation” five circuits.In the third phase, civil construction has been carried out on 7 lines, and the implementation of 21 TOD projects has been accelerated. Commercial operation, industrial development and capital operation have been fully mobilized, and the three-year critical action of urban renewal and urban construction has been steadily promoted, contributing to the construction of a modern international metropolis.