When zhou Pengju led a team to investigate the progress of the project to improve people’s livelihood, he stressed that improving people’s well-being has become a constant pursuit of the government’s work

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Zhou Pengju, deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, led a team to carry out on-site investigation of some practical projects concerning people’s livelihood, and coordinated to solve existing problems in the form of on-site office work.He stressed the need to practice a people-centered development philosophy, focus on implementing projects to improve the people’s wellbeing, and make every effort to ensure that all tasks are carried out in engineering, project-based implementation, and list-based management. He also stressed that we should respond to people’s expectations with emotion and responsibility and with visible and felt changes.Vince for successively by western liaoning tumor diagnosis and treatment center and fuxin city center hospital new outpatient building, key sections of school safety traffic safety engineering, city park practical and the site of the project of the people’s livelihood, such as listen to project progress, time limit for a project plan, current existence question and the next key move, and so on and so forth, make relevant work well and put forward specific requirements.Zhou pointed out that improving people’s well-being is the fundamental goal of development, and it is also the responsibility and mission of the government.First, we need to make living standards our goal.We must strengthen our bottom-line thinking, cultivate a strong sense of caring for the people, put the people’s hearts and interests at the forefront, steadily advance key projects related to the people’s livelihood, complete 10 practical projects related to the people’s livelihood with high quality and high standards, keep our word and deliver results, and resolutely honor our solemn commitment to the people of the city.Second, we need to strengthen organizational leadership and follow-up scheduling.The parties concerned should grasp early, take on the responsibilities, and make systematic arrangements, integrated implementation, stubble promotion and closed-loop management for key work and tasks.We should reverse the construction period and catch up on the progress in accordance with the set time and tasks and on the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of the projects, so that the projects benefiting the people can be completed and put into operation as soon as possible.We will strengthen oversight and assessment, follow up on performance, and develop high-quality projects with high standards to ensure that they stand the test of history and the people.Third, we need to focus on improving people’s wellbeing.To grab from filling JiMinSheng short board, seeks the livelihood of the people of the, XieMinSheng sorrow, the problem of the difficulties of the masses feel strongly about hot spot, the key points in improving work style and enhancing the actual effect of focus, focus on good universality, basic, out of the people’s livelihood construction, embodies the people feelings in every things of the people’s livelihood, let the people sharing development outcomes,Strive to the people of the city to hand over a satisfactory livelihood answer sheet.During the investigation, Zhou pengju also went to the site of sihe Bridge reconstruction project for investigation.City leaders Lin Aimin, Sun Yu, Lin Li, Chen Lei, Long Zhenhai, responsible comrades from taiping District, municipal and provincial departments respectively attended the relevant activities.