Which brand of vacuum cleaner is good?According to these points, the brand will never be bad

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Now everyone’s brand awareness is more and more strong, before starting electric toothbrush, they want to know which brand of electric toothbrush is good, and then follow to buy right.But electric toothbrush now so many brands, plus each brand has a lot of different models, it is not easy to find out which brand is good, but the general principle of measuring vacuum cleaner is basically fixed, according to these points selected brands are absolutely not bad.Don’t make too much noise Noise can make you feel upset and repetitive chores aren’t much fun, so don’t buy a loud model because it will make you lose your passion for housework.General vacuum cleaners will mark their own noise decibels in the parameter introduction area, I looked up a lot of model information, 72 decibels is basically the lowest noise vacuum cleaner data, can do this data only in The first European sales of fina TOMEFON and a few brands,Because most vacuum brands focus more on suction and less on control.In order to achieve this, fina TOMEFON also went through multiple optimization combinations of exhaust pipes, air ducts, components, multiple motor design improvements, and the addition of high cost acoustic grade noise reduction composite cotton in key areas.Many people hesitate between vacuum cleaners and floor washing machines. As a senior user, xiaobian reminds us that we must choose a low weight model, otherwise you will be soft if you suck a room without kirin arm.In this respect to do a good model is a lot, such as Dyson, Panasonic, Fina TOMEFON, Millet, the United States and other brands are lighter than a new.The function does not want too much although the vacuum cleaner of a lot of brands is to gain gain consumer, early drag ground function, wash ground function linkage arrived on vacuum cleaner, but used so many years domestic cleanness equipment, small make up feels the vacuum cleaner of oneponent function is the most professional.Above all such design is the most practical, in fact the home is not big shopping mall, the biggest pollution source also is dust only, should dust be cleaned thoroughly only, where is used to wash ground grind everyday ah, calculate if you are willing, the floor can suffer of live also is a big problem;Dust not only falls on the ground, but also on the surface of furniture, ceiling and lamps. Floor washing machines, sweeping robots and floor washing machines all have limitations. Only vacuum cleaners are the most clever, just like Fina TOMEFON vacuum cleaners, equipped with several brush heads each very practical without excess.Brush cleaning the ground, bedding brush specializing in soft cushion, flat suction head cleaning gap, soft hair short brush cleaning keyboard screen curtain screen desktop, as long as the dust in these places are sucked clean, home health is almost the same.After-sales don’t be too hard to have some not too honest brand in consumers haven’t pay for their own brand into the stratosphere, actually when failure occurs after the maintenance to the person who is also need to identify reasons, it’s too harsh after-sales can persuade you or hide hide, cleaner brand so much, why also set a dangerous precedent for their own future?As mentioned in the article before the Feina TOMEFON vacuum cleaner, the family within a year of troubleshooting is directly for a new machine, warranty scope even battery are included, the host three years of super long warranty commitment is to let consumers use every day do not feel distressed.As people in the pursuit of quality of life improve, vacuum cleaner of the brand, model is also more and more, the family using the environment, to find every family is a good brand is more difficult, but as long as with low noise, low dead weight, single function, excellent after-sale at four o ‘clock this brand, basically can let we trust into don’t trample ray, you know?