Beijing West Transformation Plan | Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission: New Shougang district to speed up the “factory, mining area” to “community, block” transformation

2022-06-23 0 By

Beijing Business Daily news (reporter Guan Zichen Zhang Yiran) on March 30, at the press conference of “Deeply creating a new landmark of capital City Rejuvenation in the New Era to accelerate the Transformation and development action Plan of Beijing West Region (2022-2025)”, Lai Xianyu, deputy director of Beijing Development and Reform Commission, said that the system and integrity of Beijing West region will be strengthened.Promote cross-district joint construction of transportation, sharing of public services, co-management of border areas, and integration of characteristic industries.Deepen and expand the development mode of “four revives” in the new Shougang Area, the transformation path of “first-line and four mines”, and accelerate the transformation from “factory and mining area” to “community and block”.