Guangxi Daily: Explore the secret of sugarcane breeding in Nanfan Base of Guangxi

2022-06-23 0 By

“Please come to the ends of the earth. Spring is here all the year round. The spring breeze on Hainan Island is warm…”The song “Please Come to the Ends of the Earth”, which was popular in China in the 1980s, helped people deepen their understanding of hainan, a magical land.There are four seasons of sowing, tilling and harvesting beauty.Recently, facing the hot wind of Hainan, the reporter walked into guangxi Nanfan Base located in Jiusuo Town, Ledong County, Hainan Province, to explore the mystery of sugarcane breeding.Walking into the sugarcane breeding and hybridization room of Guangxi Nanfan base, modern breeding equipment is available.Reporters saw rows of hybrid cages greeted.The hybrid cage is the “marriage house” of sugarcane. In this “warm” space, the male and female materials are artificially pollinated by sugarcane breeders to start the “sweet career” of “eugenic and eugenic” journey.Lei Jingchao, a sugarcane breeder at the Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, has been working in guangxi’s Nanfan Base for 13 years.He told reporters that sugarcane crossbreeding is the source of breeding, and his responsibility is to make sure sugarcane crossbreeding is successful.Every year, he plants more than 400 sugarcane parents in Nanfang Base in Guangxi, with many and complicated materials.To avoid confusion, he innovated by introducing barcodes to code the parents.Now from sugarcane planting to hybridization, the whole process of barcode management, convenient and fast.At the beginning of the base construction, the facilities and equipment of the hybridization room were not perfect, and the hybridization efficiency was low. Therefore, he designed a fully automated photoperiod induction room integrating water and fertilizer for water-saving irrigation in the base through field investigation and data query. At present, the operation status of the induction room can be monitored remotely.With the support of high-tech, the breeding level of the base has reached a new level, from 500 flowers per year to 1,000 by 2021.For 13 consecutive years, the base has been selecting nearly 10,000 flower spikes, providing thousands of hybrid flower spikes for sugarcane Research Institute of Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and domestic sugarcane breeding institutions, and producing 1 million sugarcane seedlings every year.The base participated in the breeding of varieties such as Guizang 42, Guizang 44 and Guizang 45, contributing to about 50% of guangxi’s planting area of guizang series varieties.(Reporter Li Xinxiong, correspondent Nina Guan)