In a word, gannan: Gannan brand slogan solicitation announcement

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In a word, gannan — Gannan brand slogan solicitation announcement 2022 is a key year linking the past and the next in gannan’s “14th Five-year plan”.In the future, Gannan will build itself into a world tourism destination, a new plateau for ecological civilization on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, a new plateau for green development in the new era, a new plateau for rural revitalization in Tibet-related areas, a new plateau for green organic agricultural and animal husbandry products, and a new plateau for reform and opening-up in Tibet-related areas.In open gannan “difference” development of a new chapter, gannan in combination with the trend of The Times, make state domain brand top design, maximize play a role in the regional development and national development in gannan and value, form the unique advantages, for the mass good gannan story, with a state domain brand slogan, ring gannan.”Five no Gannan, ten homes”, “Nine colors Of Gannan Shambala”, “China’s small Tibet, The back garden of Gansu”, “one of the 50 places to go in one’s lifetime”…The vivid slogans of the prefecture tell the beautiful scenery of Gannan, and also describe the charm of Gannan.To intensify propaganda, gannan cultural context, to show culture trait, to better show the features of city, accelerate the construction of state domain brand, condensed the sense of belonging and identity, promote gannan influence, gannan Shanghai jin kun group, hand in hand this day for the whole society public solicitation gannan brand slogan, now the matters related to notice the following:This activity is open to the whole society to collect the brand slogan of Gannan.The selected slogan is widely used in TV, radio, new media and other carriers as the theme slogan of Gannan brand publicity after combining the opinions of experts.Second, collecting requirements 1. Outstanding theme, unique in gannan Tibetan autonomous prefecture, gannan unique temperament and spirit, accurately summarize and reflect the gannan domain comprehensive characteristic culture, manifests the gannan people of all ethnic groups are determined to build “five no gannan, ten homes” in a new era of style, and infectious, again, resonate;2. The text is concise, distinctive, catchy, easy to read and remember, with a sense of scene painting, convenient for publicity and promotion;3. Slogans should be clearly different from those in other places, with a positive tone and no content that violates national laws and regulations;4. Contributors are required to explain the specific meaning or implication of the submitted works.Iii. Scope and time of solicitation Open to the whole society, professional design institutions and individuals can participate in the solicitation.February 14, 2022 — March 14, 2022.1. One prize, 10000 RMB.2. There are 3 finalists with 5000 RMB each.There are several original authors for the winning works, and the prize money is divided equally by the authors;There will be no double calculation of adoption award and finalist award;If the content of the application is the same, the one who arrives first via email shall prevail.In order to ensure the quality of the evaluation, if no applicable brand slogan is selected during the evaluation, the award will be vacant;The prize money is pre-tax, and the individual income tax shall be paid by the winner himself.Winners must present their id cards to claim the prize money.V. After the collection of works, the organizing committee will organize public voting and expert panel for evaluation, and invite representatives of government departments, relevant media, scholars and experts, representatives of the public, etc., to discuss and discuss together. The final selection results will be published to the society after the organizer’s approval.Welcome people from all walks of life all over the country to participate in the paper. You can apply for the paper in the name of individual, group or unit.Submission shall be sent in word document as email attachment.The title of the email is “Gannan Brand Slogan”.Please indicate your real name, working unit, mailing address and telephone number for all submissions.Email address: Contact Person: Zhao Hui Tel: 18089400000According to the relevant provisions of The Copyright Law of China, the organizer has the ownership, full use right, registration right and copyright of the winning works, and the works will not be returned once submitted.2. The contributor shall guarantee that the slogan submitted is original and does not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.All works infringing others’ copyright and reputation rights and all legal disputes arising therefrom shall be borne by the work provider.3. The organizer reserves the right to interpret the event.Gannan Leading Group Office of Investment Promotion work February 13, 2022