Ni Ping, 63, is happy to make snowmen in the snow. She lives a quiet and comfortable life in her old age

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In a twinkling of an eye, once hot screen female artist Ni Ping will celebrate her 63rd birthday in 2 days, feeling that time slips too fast!Yesterday, Beijing ushered in a heavy snow, circle have shared this beautiful snow scene.Many people took the opportunity to make a snowman, Ni Ping is also involved in them, playing is very happy.This year’s snowman is “ice dwen dwen”, the little guy is too cute.Wow, a happy atmosphere, this Spring Festival is a good scene.This year it’s gonna be awesome.On February 13, 2022, Ni Ping posted a rare recent photo of herself making a snowman “Bing Dwen Dwen” in the snow, and happily shared a paragraph of text. Ni Ping was in a great mood.See Ni Ping heap of “ice dun dun” and recent photos, caused a fan of praise and ridicule, hope Ni Ping healthy, happy every day.Ni Ping’s life scenery is everywhere, life in her later years is quiet and comfortable, a little regret is no one around to accompany.Just think, like her so excellent person, old age if can have a family of children and love around that how good?I hope she doesn’t have any regrets about life!Recently, “ice dun dun” too hot, must be all the people know it.Look at the pile of Ni Ping “ice dun dun”, do you think like?It was so cute. Full marks for joy.As a southerner, did not touch the snow day, can only envy northerners and snow close to the screen.Ni Ping side squat with his pile of “ice dun dun” photo, with the frame photo super proud, this is the beautiful life of the relic.Ni Ping wrapped tightly, even the eyes are blocked, low-key enough.But ah, to see the snow everywhere and feel the cold breath, it must be very cold.Fortunately, the black down jacket shielded her from the cold, and I could feel the warmth of her playing in the snow through the screen.Ni Ping picture and text, know she is very happy.At this age, you must enjoy life and try to seize every moment.Ni Ping led a wonderful life. She was a talented girl when she was young and became a famous host, actress and writer.What is lacking in a perfect life is rough feelings. I hope this is not her regret.Old age, poor health, but after these two years of conditioning, the state is getting better and better, to refuel to maintain oh.I wish there were more screens.