On the fifth day of the lunar New Year, no matter how busy you are, you should remember to do 5 things. Don’t lose the old tradition

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The Spring Festival is the most solemn and grand traditional festival of the Chinese people, which is especially valued by the Chinese people. From the little New Year’s Eve to the fifth day of the New Year, many traditional Customs of the older generation have been left behind. It is these stresses that give the traditional Spring Festival more flavor of the New Year.Time flies, in a twinkling of an eye to the fifth day of the New Year, commonly known as “break five”, after this day, many taboos of the New Year can be lifted, so “break five” also has the meaning of sending off the New Year.On the fifth day of the lunar New Year, no matter how busy you are, remember to do 5 things. Don’t lose the old tradition, which means bonanza and good luck. The day is getting better and better.1 Meet the god of wealth, the fifth day of the lunar New Year is the birthday of the god of wealth, the god of wealth is also known as the “five way god”, that is, offering door god, kitchen God, earth God, door god, god, meaning is to go out five ways, the meaning of wealth everywhere.The fifth day of the shop opening, open the door to resume business, open the door to meet the god of wealth must be rolling in revenue, business is booming.2 send five poor, the fifth day of the year to send poor god, people in the New Year after 30, has been four can not throw things, garbage, so can gather money;And to the fifth day, the bad things at home are packed up and thrown out of the house, on behalf of “five poor”, the so-called “five poor” refers to: poor, poor, poor, poor life, poor, the New Year is more rich and happy.3, cleaning, this paragraph of time the Chinese New Year we visit friends and relatives, people often come to often go to, also before December 30 till the fifth day, the home is generally not cleaning, garbage can only be lying in the house on the corner of the first, but to “break five” this day, every family should do a thorough cleaning, sweep the house clean, clean,Throw out all the garbage in the house and welcome the New Year.4 eat dumplings, “break five” must eat dumplings, commonly known as pinch little mouth, one by one dumplings look like a small mouth, so the fifth must pinch dumplings, pinch the mouth of the little people can avoid the surrounding gossip, not guilty of small, also means the New Year can go bad luck, usher in a happy life.5. Set off firecrackers.On this day, people set off fireworks and firecrackers to drive away the ghosts of poverty and welcome the god of wealth. Therefore, many stores now choose the fifth day to open.But now do not let firecrackers, so now some will be replaced by balloons, balloons burst the sound is like firecrackers, more environmental protection.