Open up a new world of network literature in writing reality

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Literature is the witness of history and the horn of The Times.It is inseparable from the power of literature to record the changes of The Times, describe the style of The Times and lead the ethos of The Times.Xi general secretary in China, the federation’s eleventh ten important speech at the opening ceremony of the Chinese Writers Association profoundly pointed out that “the new new journey is the history directions of the contemporary Chinese literature and art”, “the era of literary and art workers should follow the step, from the comprehension of art in the pulse of The Times, the artistic creation to the greatness of hundreds of millions of people struggle to open,Open to a colorful social life.As a new form of literature and art and publishing industry, online literature should respond to the call of The Times, focus on a new historical perspective, show the grand picture of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, write a magnificent epic of the Chinese people’s united struggle and pursuit of a better life, and inspire a powerful force to forge ahead in the new era and make new progress.Literature is the mirror of The Times, and works are the product of The Times. Writing reality and reflecting The Times has always been the main trend of literary creation.Chinese literature has a reflection on the reality, in the tradition way, from the reality, soldiers in the farmer work, youth love ancient life such as the book of songs, the blood and tears to write out the sufferings of the people “don’t” three collectors, vivid portrayal to rise and fall of the credit and the feudal family life images of a dream of red mansions, which produce many based on the reality and the realistic literature,Because of its profound ideological, realistic, artistic set up the peak of literature, influenced generation after generation.In the palace of modern and contemporary literature, leading the trend of modern literature “LuGuoMao BaLao cao”, or claim to be “street writer” of zhao shuli, to write “liu qing” casing suspection.i village willow blue, betting the soul and life fourteen years to write the life “, “ordinary world” of lu yao, their works are able to mark time, after the world,With their deeply rooted hot social practice, sincere writing rich real life inseparable.As an innovative literary style in the Internet era, network literature also has the literary gene of observing the reality, and should assume the important mission of writing and reflecting the era.In the propaganda department and the author’s association of China in recent years, support, guide and encourage the advancement of literature through the network platform and the author’s joint efforts, the real subject network published literature flourished, a large number of reform and opening up, the crucial poverty, disease and disaster, science and technology power masterpiece of masterpieces such as stand out, set up the network literature published the new benchmark.Writing in the spring tide of reform and opening-up stories of the great river east to ordinary people in the central propaganda department “five-one project” construction of spiritual civilization, showing China’s industrial development published “big heavy industry” as the Chinese government, reflect the history of reform and opening “mighty”, describing the state-owned enterprises out of the dilemma rookies work such as the heavy card included in the “China book”,The National Press and Publication Administration and The China Writers’ Association recommended such works as Youth in the Mountains, which extolled the devotion to the construction of a new countryside, and Chaoyang Police Story, which tells the life of grass-roots policemen.These works have different themes and contents, but they all show hot life and vividly interpret the great era of vigorous development, which has become a vivid example of network literature to record the development of the era deeply.Focusing on reality and writing reality also opens a broader space for the creation and development of network literature.It is gratifying to see that the rise of the realistic subject of network literature has led to the professionalization of network literature writers and the refinement of their creation.A large number of “creative masters” who are “invisible” in all walks of life have stepped onto the stage of network literature. They create based on their own experience and contribute real life experience to the epic writing of the great era.Topics such as diplomacy, aviation, heavy industry and sports rarely seen in previous literature are increasingly appearing in network literature, and farmers and herdsmen, grassroots police and community workers are becoming more and more leading roles in network literature. Writing reality has injected new impetus and vitality into the diversified development and sustainable development of network literature.Real life is always the source of literature.Contemporary China is undergoing the most extensive and profound social transformation and the most ambitious and unique practical innovation in human history.This is the time to call for great works, and to breed and produce great works.In order to promote the creation and publication of more online literature works full of spiritual strength, highlight the background of The Times and full of artistic charm, the National Press and Publication Administration recently launched the 2022 Selection of Excellent realistic online literature publishing Project, focusing on the new era and new journey to support and guide the creation and publication of key themes.Whether it is the historic achievements and changes of China in the new era, the hard work and practical creation of the Chinese people, or the spirit of self-confidence, self-reliance, integrity and innovation in the new era, the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese culture, are the inexhaustible source of online literature.To win the battle poverty, build a well-off society in an all-round way such grand historical change, small to “action” CD “mobile payment” representational change life, and “green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan” house “is used to live, not to fry” such deep thought idea change, can become a good narrative resources.In the face of a new era of hot hot new life, the network literature to inherit and carry forward the writing age, reflects the era of published literature tradition, in the era of awareness and progress of pulse beats of write an epic worthy of The Times, in understanding the lives of the people of various bearing fruit worthy of the people’s literature, in the massive realistic writing, take the picture era mission of biography,Open up a new world of literary creation and publication.(Author: First Words)