This column commander has a good reputation and is recognized by his superiors and subordinates. Why was he transferred after the Liao shen battle

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In December 1948, eight commanders of the Northeast Field Army were replaced by Huang Yongsheng and Duan Suquan.Duan Su Quan to 8 vertical work, win the upper and lower levels of his approval.Why did he stay in northeast China to work instead of entering with the main force after the Liaoshen Battle?During the Great Revolution, Duan Su Quan was denounced as a “bandit leader” by local tyrants and evil gentry, and his land was seized by local tyrants.In 1926, his father was elected president of the Farmers’ Association during the peasant movement.Duan Su right in the father’s influence, become the head of the children’s group, Liu Daosheng is the instructor.In 1930, Duan Suquan joined the Communist Party and became secretary of the district party Committee and secretary of the county Party Committee.In 1931, he participated in Lenin youth training class, he and Liu Daosheng as teachers.No one expected that more than ten years later, they could command the liao-Shen campaign together in the Northeast Battlefield.In 1934, he served as the political commissar of the east Guizhou Independent division, received he mister asked, let the troops contain the enemy, cover the main force to Hunan.In the battle, because of being transferred to the home, independent division bloody struggle, the entire army.He has been looking for troops to be heard from, narrowly escaped the white bandit chase, injury and good after returning home, about the organization of news.Only after the Anti-Japanese War broke out did he learn that the Red Army had been reorganized into the Eighth Route Army.After the examination, he returned to the revolutionary team, first in the anti university study, teaching, was sent to the front base as the Pingbei military sub-region political department director, commissar.In December 1946, Duan Suquan became the commander of the Ji Recha Military Region, with his former partner Liu Daosheng as political commissar.In June 1947, Liu Daosheng was transferred to director of the Political Department of the Jichang Liao Military Region.Two months later, the 8th Column of the Northeast Democratic Coalition was established, with Liu Daosheng serving as political commissar.In December 1948, due to huang Yongsheng’s personal problems, he was criticized by Cheng Zihua, the leader of Jizhaler Liao Military Region, and others, who requested to change the general and recommended Duan Suquan as the commander.Cheng zihua thinks Duan Suquan has a strong party spirit and a correct style of work.At that time, there were indeed many problems in the 8th Column, especially in the 23rd Division of the old army. The tension between the military and government leadership of the division, the decline of the fighting consciousness of the troops, the relaxation of political and ideological work, the tendency of warlordism, the non-separation of public and private affairs and other prominent problems appeared.Duan Suquan just to 8 longitudinal, east general winter offensive, winter offensive compared to the autumn offensive scale.Under the leadership of Duan Suquan, 8 vertical launched on the new Litun siege, with brother troops, after clearing the outer stronghold, launched a general attack for 3 hours, annihilated more than 4000 people.After the end of the winter offensive, the 8th Longitudinal launched a half-year military training, carrying out complaints three checks of the campaign, training activities.Before the jinzhou battle began, 8 longitudinal starting from the city of eight faces, to play Jinzhou.In the eyes of ding Sheng 24 division, Duan Su right is really good, strong party spirit.Troops arrived at the Daling River, troops ready to cross the river in the afternoon, he said no, easy to expose targets during the day, change to night action.When the troops arrived at the jinzhou periphery, jinzhou battle, 8 vertical in the battle because of the important stronghold jinzhou periphery lost, did not report, the headquarters for this great anger.8 It’s not too late to report it even after you’ve taken it.It works in normal times, but not now.Purple Mountain is a dangerous barrier in the east of Jinzhou, very important, if the headquarters can not grasp information in time, affect the overall situation.Jinzhou battle ended, Luo Ronghuan to troops inspection, headquarters can command duan Su right and worry.He knew that Duan Su Quan was a good comrade, but had little combat experience. He hoped that the column leaders would play a collective role and complete arduous tasks in the battle.In the following liaodong battle, 8 vertical avoid jinzhou battle of the mistake, played commendable.When the Battle of Liaoshen was over, the troops held a meeting and praised the good ones and criticized the bad ones, and they were not rude at all.Superior criticism of 8 longitudinal errors in the jinzhou battle, as the commander of duan Su right how to also take leadership responsibility.After the end of the northeast battle, after a short rest of the attack, the main force entered the pass operation, Duan Suquan was transferred back to Shenyang to work, leaving the field army.