Match preview: Women’s Football Asian Cup final, women’s basketball to the preliminary round, Li Yue Ru Shao Ting suspected failed

2022-06-24 0 By

When it comes to China’s three big balls, it depends on women.When the Winter Olympic Games are in full swing, the girls of Chinese women’s football team and Chinese women’s basketball team are not idle, they are chasing the journey of honor.After defeating Japan on the third day of the Chinese New Year, The Chinese women’s football team advanced to the Final of the Asian Cup, which will start at 7pm on Feb 6.”Confidence and determination” is the reason why China reached the Asian Cup final, said Shui Qingxia, head coach of the National team.The South Korean coach said “hard work and focus.”Interestingly, neither coach mentioned tactics, technique or stamina.This is the ninth time that China has reached the final of the Women’s Asian Cup, but the last time was in 2008.This is the first time that the Korean women’s soccer team has advanced to the final.In the 2021 Olympic qualifying competition, The Chinese women’s soccer team is the South Korean women’s soccer team to advance to the Tokyo Olympics.However, the Chinese women’s football team at that time had Wang Shuang, but also Jia Xiuquan.Whether Wang Shuang will play in the final is still unknown.Good luck to Chinese girls.In the women’s football girls are about to set foot on the final, China’s women’s three big ball another honorary team also set foot on a new journey.At noon on February 5th, the Chinese women’s basketball team set out for Belgrade, Serbia.The Chinese women’s Basketball Team will play three women’s Basketball World Cup qualifiers here, the schedule is: February 10 21:00 against Nigeria, February 12 03:00 against Nigeria, February 14 00:00 against France.According to the departure photos sent by Li Meng at the airport, the Chinese women’s basketball team is led by Yao Ming and led by zheng Wei, the head coach.Li Meng, Yang Shuyu, Zhang Ru, Yang Liwei, Huang Sijing, Wang Lili, Li Yuan, Pan Zhenqi, Wang Siyu, Wu Tongtong, Han Xu, Gao Song and so on are still in the team, but Shao Ting, Li Yueru, Sun Mengran did not see people, and the other three new people, I still do not know.Now The Chinese women’s basketball team, which is higher than the Chinese women’s football team in the world, is likely to win all three matches.This is also the first international match of Chinese women’s basketball team after the change of coach, I wonder how zheng Wei’s coaching, let us look forward to.