Spring to dig bamboo shoots in common village

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Common Village is the famous hometown of bamboo shoots in Beilun. The reason why it is known as the hometown of bamboo shoots is that the mountains and fields of common Village are covered with bamboo, and it is also the regular site of beilun District’s annual bamboo shoots cultural Festival.These days, the spring rain day after day underground, hits the mountain bamboo shoots from the ground out of the head, happily looking at the beautiful world.On Saturday, the sun father-in-law finally showed a smiling face, I can’t wait to pull uncle and aunt, carrying a small hoe, up the mountain to dig bamboo shoots.”La la la, la la la, I am happy digging bamboo shoots…”Humming a song made up by themselves, as if to lure the baby bamboo shoots to come out.Ah, there it is, the baby bamboo shoots that just put out their small heads are hiding behind the mother bamboo!I picked up a small hoe, raised over the shoulder, and then vigorously toward the baby bamboo shoots next to the soil to dig, the soil scattered flying.One, two, three…I do not know how many dug, the baby bamboo shoots of the root exposed, I aim at the root, a hoe, ah, hoe slanting, did not put it below the most delicious part to dig out.I found uncle every time hoe very accurate, so asked uncle: “what is the secret?”My uncle looked at the bamboo shoots I had dug up and said with a smile, “The secret is’ fast, accurate and ruthless ‘. You have only achieved the ‘fast’ and ‘ruthless’, but your aim is not enough, but this’ accurate ‘can not be practiced in a short time.”It seems that digging bamboo shoots is also very technical content.Of course, the people digging bamboo shoots up the mountain can be more than a few of us, you see, carrying a hoe, in groups of people up the mountain, an endless stream.Look at the roadside, peddlers – sell bamboo shoots, fresh bamboo shoots yo, don’t miss through!There is no such shop beyond this village!Come and buy it!The sound attracted passing cars and pedestrians, who stopped one by one and headed for the bamboo shoot stall.The whole bamboo shoot stands surrounded by people, people pick east and west, stall owners warm reception.Do you know what kind of bamboo shoots are delicious?Grandmother told me to buy a bamboo shoot small secret – appearance, buy big not to buy small, buy flat not to buy round, buy curved not to buy straight.Shoot with yellow instead of green.Bamboo shoot meat, buy white not yellow.Grandma also told me that now the most delicious bamboo shoots called “yellow mud arch”.Besides the bamboo shoots, the most eye-catching thing in the village is the rows of dried bamboo shoots lying in the open ground.Slices of cooked bamboo shoots lie on the shelf. The white bamboo shoots look very attractive under the sun. After a few days, the shoots will gradually turn yellow and become dried bamboo shoots.Dried bamboo shoots can be made into a variety of delicious food, such as dried bamboo shoots baked puffer fish, dried barbecue, think of the mouth watering.Do you like this land of bamboo shoots?Come and visit The village.The baby bamboo shoots out of the ground welcome you, the bamboo shoots in the air welcome you, the hospitable villagers welcome you!Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com