The most wonderful play staged, eight-ji brother and sister overturned, charcoal lang stripes are now, ghost extinction ending see next week

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If there are chasing the ghost out of blade work friend, finds a new chapter in the content of the “you guo” has come to the best part of three small only against abortion and column with her brother and sister, fighting has been reached the white-hot stage, the most critical hit drama plot to come, see how the ghost killed team at the same time, her brother and sister’s head cut off you ready?From guo article begins to play, many people find this season playing tricks and deduce a lot of wonderful, perhaps because the story plot of high-energy picture more, UFO club’s perfect deduce also let it become the classic, the end of the coming of the article is to let it will successfully put, the most wonderful scene staged, abortion kyi & prostitutes, aso both head fall to the ground!The best opera, comparison of the brother and sister, as the best part of the fierce fighting, the first ten words can be said to be the special essence of enrichment of the entire chapter, UFO club is indeed pull funding is full, each play the role of is perfect, especially in combat, you well shows that tension stimulation, both of us took out the best moves,Only to win the final victory, on the field 2 brother and sister get along with the pattern has a sharp contrast, but prostitute husband Taro should extend an olive branch to the charcoal lang!Charcoal to lang forehead stripes, eight-ji brother and sister during the rollover war prostitute husband Taro also did not forget to pull charcoal to lang, it seems that early he really didnt put the ghost team in the heart, think he and eight-ji together is invincible, after all, the sound column has been poisoned and three small strength is not outstanding?Unfortunately, in the end he and eight-year-old or overturned, because he met the most powerful open hang player charcoal rule Lang, both perseverance and strength and luck of him, strength interpretation of what is the protagonist halo?At the last moment the forehead markings appeared, the domineer side of the head column leaked!Both sides fight too cruel, sad cost pyrrhic victory under both the roar and crazy play, fall really tipping her brother and sister, prostitutes, aso was beheaded, carbon (while aborting her loss in the pig and escape, 3 small only cooperate it was impeccable, the myth of the string of six was finally burst, but this battle is too cruel, even if the ghost to kill team finally won the brother and sister on the head,But they also paid a painful price, sound column did not have a hand, and charcoal to treat lang cut the prostitute husband taro is the body weak to move?Is upper string six destroyed?Prostitutes, aso finally kill recruit at least cost, the ghost killed team scored six of top chord, but they died more cannot dismiss, last is to see the column picture tore heart crack lung to cry, want to carbon (dodge, prostitutes, aso had finally use blood ghost, as he finally killed, believe that power cannot dismiss, much less carbon (today is still very weak,Whether can escape became the wonderful highlight of the follow-up plot, it seems that the next sentence is always more wonderful ah?Ghost out end see you next week, warm heart and love to the information from the official view, next week’s swim guo was approaching the final episode of the content, it is the edge of ghost out this season finale, it will use for 45 minutes longer to deduce, the best part of opinion wars though finished, but the final kill recruit need to resolve, have fall the warmth of her brother and sister talk more,From the heart of the elder brother and sister’s care, it is estimated that many people will cry oh!And to the hidden danger of blood ghost art, you beans must also appear!In summary, the most wonderful play staged, eight-ji brother and sister overturned, charcoal to lang stripes, 45 minutes of ghost destruction ending see you next week!Time really flies, wonderful guo so to prepare the end of the article, the content of the next week will play the last, believe that after the war will usher in a wave of warm the heart of interaction, and the fierceness of still very good-looking, aborting her, and your beans this two cute little beauty, estimates that will make the next words we see a lot of surprise, did you expect?